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Simplicity is key when it comes to investing. We believe that professional investing should be accessible to everyone, not just the experts. Our app is designed with the everyday investor in mind, offering a straightforward and intuitive interface. It does not matter if you never heard of cryptocurrencies for example. Experience the ease and simplicity of smart investing with BOTS.


Your investments are your hard-earned savings and protecting them should be a top priority. That's why safety is a cornerstone of BOTS. Our app is designed to provide secure and reliable investment solutions, ensuring that your assets and data are always protected. Invest with confidence and peace of mind knowing that BOTS has you covered.

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Fintech startup BOTS is the Google of the Stock market
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The BOTS app itself is simple and easy for everyone to understand and use
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BOTS Manager
Do you automatically want to diversify your portfolio in the best performing bots? Invest in the BOTS manager!
Diversification portfolio
Ever heard of not putting all your eggs in one basket? By investing in the BOTS manager, you will automatically have a diversified portfolio of many bots to trade for you!
Best selection of bots
The BOTS manager is a feature that combines data-driven algorithms to pick the best bots with the advice of expert investors to stay up to speed with market sentiment, events and trends.
Time saving
Don’t have the time to look into which bot to pick? The BOTS manager saves you the time by doing it all for you! Sit back, relax and watch the BOTS manager work for you!
Simple as ever
Never heard of algorithms? Never heard of investment jargon? The BOTS manager takes away all complexity, making automated trading even more easy!
Bot Store
Want to find the perfect strategy for you? Check out the bot store to see all bots on the platform. We have bots created by many talented bot creators, who are experts in trading, statistics and programming. All of their knowledge is stored into these strategies.
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