Hello Creator_

Thank you for helping all the people in the world with the possibility of an extra income stream!

You can follow along the extensive onboarding guide we have curated for you below, or you can already schedule an appointment by sending an email to botcreators@revenyou.io.

Getting started

We’ve cut up the process of creating a successful bot into 10 simple steps. First up are the preparation steps.

Setting up your Bots

It’s now time to configure your Bots and test them out before users start investing on them.

Go live, get paid

While your Bot is in quarantine, you can prepare for the next steps; pushing your Bot out into the world.

Optimize and iterate

The fun doesnt stop there. Improve your Bot to increase your market cap and your potential payouts.

Step 1

First contact & information

You are probably already in contact with one of our team members, but, just in case, you are not in touch with us please contact us through email or fill out our meeting form to set up a meeting as we require to meet with you before your algorithm goes live on our platform.

We have a channel on Discord where you can get in touch with other bot creators and users for tips and tricks. Within our discord community, we also have a channel specifically for you the Botcreator. To get access, simply send a direct message to one of the support members.

BNF API documentation
You can find the folder with the latest documentation here, or you can send us an email botcreators@revenyou.io and we will send the onboarding package to you. You can open and work with this file in Swagger.

Botfactory on Github
To help you get started we have created a bot factory and made this freely accessible to all on Github.  Here you will find some examples of algorithms and you can also run back tests. 

Step 2

Setting up your account

To set up your bot creator account you simply go to the app and under the header more you will find the Bot Developer Tools switch. After you have switched this on the Factory icon will appear in your menu bar, where you can create your bots.

Step 3

Creating our first Bot

After enabling the Bot Developer Tools you can add your bot by clicking on the plus button. Here you can register your bot in our system, after doing this you will be given your unique API key. 

For exchange, you select the Hybrid Exchange. The base coin you can pick yourself, as long as the coin is compatible with the Coin Rules Policy, depending on the exposure you want to expose your users to when your bot is not currently in a trade.

Step 4

Write a clear description

The users want to get to know you and your bot before they invest, so it's important to give the users a good impression about your team and what you're all about.

Submit Bot information

Team description

Think about creating trust with users that read your bot description.

Describe for example:

  1. Goals of your team
  2. What markets your team's bots operate in
  3. What kind of strategies your team specializes in
  4. Where your team is operating from
  5. Origin of the team + expertise and background
  6. Where people can find you or your team, LinkedIn, Discord,...

Keep in mind that you shouldn't use the name of coins in your team description or bot description, same goes for IP protected names. 

Bot description

To help people pick a bot to trade with, the bots are divided into categories. This is to ensure that people can easily pick bots that fit their personal strategy. 

The description will be the first contact between the client and your bot, it's important that it really represents what your strategy is all about. But that it is also easy enough to understand for somebody who is not an expert user. 

Mama's description

Because we want to make the bots understandable and usable for everyone, you will need to write in 1 or 2 sentences what your Bot does. If you can show this description to your grandmother she should not be left wondering about industry terminology and be excited to get started.

Tip from the creator

If you have a personal tip you want to give your users for instance to combine it with a specific other one of your bots or if they should stay in the bot long term.


For each type of algorithm we have a different category which you can select when you fill out the New Bot Form. We have a standard brief explanation about each category that will be added by us.

Techie's description

Since there is also a big group of users who are more familiar with trading and algo’s, it is good to give them a little bit more information about your trading strategy. Feel free to use industry terminology as much as you like. Try to keep this under 150 words

Coins traded & backtesting results

Let your users know what coins you will be trading in and what the area of focus will be. Don’t forget to to let the users know your backtesting results and over what period those backtests were done

Know your competition

Don't forget to have a look at the other bots already on the Bots platform for inspiration. 

Description integrity

Since the description of your bot will provide the main insight into the workings of your strategy, it is mandatory that you ensure the description of the algorithm matches the original strategy analyzed during quarantine and the real-world behavior. If it is stated that your algorithm only trades a specific coin, you are not allowed to switch.


Let your creativity do the magic. This is your creation!


  1. Make it personal (example: Big friendly bot)
  2. Try to be as transparent as possible,  as to how your algorithm picks its trades.
  3. Involve animals (example: Space Cat) 
  4. Stimulate the imagination (example: Ready for take off)
  5. Be funny
  6. Be creative with letters and numbers (example: L0ra5.bot)
  7. Keep IP in mind
  8. Do a spell and grammar check
  9. Let people know where they can find your team.


  1. Use protected names
  2. Make claims you can't realize
  3. Use names of Coins (look carefully there are a lot)
  4. Give a subjective opinion and wild claims

Connecting to our BNF API

As you will be running your algorithm yourself, to ensure maximum discretion regarding your IP. You will need to send buy and sell trading signals to our API.
We have made an interactive documentation for our BNF API, this is in the form of an .yaml file. You can download the latest version here. You can open it using editor.swagger.io.

Step 5

Your bot goes into quarantine

During the first 30 days of sending signals to our API, your bot will be placed in “quarantine”. This means that during this period your bot will be trading with fake money or “paper trading”.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the bot is working as it should and does not deviate from the backtests, take larger risks or suffer from larger than expected drawdowns. In order to qualify for live entry to the platform, your algorithm will need to outperform the market by 1%.

After this period the data collected during the quarantine will be analyzed. If the bot has proven to be profitable during this period and does not expose itself to unacceptable risks, the bot will get a green light and will be moving to the next step.

During this period you will also have to supply us with the tearsheet of your backtest. Your backtest is required to be run over a period of a year minimum. You can send us the Tearsheet via the form. Please be aware that you need to fill out the form 1 week before the scheduled end of your quarantine period.

If the bot does not perform properly during the quarantine, you may apply for an appeal and we can potentially extend the quarantine period with 30 days. 

Step 6

Marketing your Bots & Vision behind content

To make sure that your bot becomes a success on the platform, we will help you bring the user’s attention to your arrival on our platform. After the quarantine period, you will be contacted to discuss the launch date and the message we will be sending our users. 

A great way to attract as many users to your Bot as possible is to join us in our podcast! You will be able to speak about your vision, market conditions, how algorithms work, you name it! Users love to get a feel for who is behind the bot and are more likely to invest when they do. Get in touch with your contact person to book the podcast or email us at botcreators@revenyou.io.

During the podcast with bot creator Roy Lenders  (Boosting Alpha (quant financial trading)  we learned that plants became a part of his algorithm. He got inspired by spirals in life and infinity by seeing the way leaves develop. 

Everywhere in life you find these mathematical manifestations of numbers and shapes. Our DNA strings, the houses of snails, tornado’s, et cetera. It was part of his creation process for one of his bots. Use your creation story. 

People love stories. It also will also help us to bring your bots more easily to the users and the rest of the world. We listen to stories. We buy from people. Please share your story with us when you upload your bot.

Some questions you may have:

What can I do to optimize my bot information?
If you have the feeling writing is not one of your strongest skills? Mail us at botcreators@revenyou.io and we help you with a copywriter.

Should I show my bot’s trades?
Sharing the bots trade history creates trust with the users. You could set up an email list with people who have an interest in the trade history. How? Join the discord community.

Step 7

Your bot is LIVE!

The time is here, your bot has gone live and will soon be available to thousands/millions of users/people everywhere! Congratulations on this amazing milestone, your first entrance into the Bots platform is a reality and you can start reaping the rewards of your labor and increase your on platform presence with more bots

Liquidity model and risk assessment
To ensure stability and provide security for our clients, we have in place a liquidity model. When markets become extremely volatile, it can become difficult to get out of trades without incurring large slippage. This has the potential to strongly influence the overall return of trades.

To mitigate we implemented a system that analyzes the assets that are being traded. When specific asset classes are high in slippage risk, either through low volume or extreme movement, the model can limit the amount that is allowed to be traded in this asset. 

Step 8

Getting paid

To ensure stability and provide security for our clients, we have in place a liquidity model. When markets become extremely volatile, it can become difficult to get out of trades without incurring large slippage. This has the potential to strongly influence the overall return of trades.

To mitigate we implemented a system that analyzes the assets that are being traded. When specific asset classes are high in slippage risk, either through low volume or extreme movement, the model can limit the amount that is allowed to be traded in this asset. 

However, during normal and even volatile market conditions you will generally not encounter this in the top 10 coins (volume-wise).

So our bots have been running for a while and you are ready to take your first Fees. All you have to do is open the Bots app and on the home screen press withdraw and enter the desired amount for withdrawal.

App Dashboard
Step 9

Increase market cap

When your trades become bigger so does your influence on the market, thus, decreasing your ability to get filled at good prices and reducing overall returns. To ensure this does not happen we use market caps for the bots ranging from 70k to 1,5 million. 

During the first 8 weeks of trading live on our platform your market cap will be below 100k. The exact amount will be determined by the results of the quarantine and the analysis of your tearsheets. 

During these 8 weeks, we will monitor if your bot is performing according to the expectations and generates positive results. If this is the case the market cap may be increased, depending on the assets the bot trades and risk exposure.

If your bot trades a single asset at a time it will tend to have a lower market cap than a strategy that diversifies its portfolio. Get in touch with us if you are interested in setting up a diversified portfolio strategy bot.

Step 10

Keep in touch

In addition to the general user terms and conditions, there are some general guidelines you will need to adhere to. Those are:

Bugs and issues
It is mandatory to report any and all bugs/glitches/issues that you or the Bot encounters within 24 hours, to our Bot Creator Developer whom can be reached via botcreators@revenyou.io

Investing in your own bots
It is allowed to invest in your own bot at a maximum of 1000,- per bot. 

Strategy Integrity
It is not allowed to make structural changes to the strategy of the Bot whilst it is running on our platform. When you want to make changes to the strategy of the Bot, the Bot will have to go through a new quarantine period and be resubmitted as a new bot. We define changes as any adjustments that alter the strategy itself or the execution of the strategy. Changes that cannot be defined as such and will not impact the behavior or strategy are allowed to be implemented as long as it does not go against the rules and guidelines, including, but not limited to, the Bot Creator Agreement , the Coin Rules Policy, the Bot Creator Onboarding Guide or impact the Description integrity (as described in “Bot Description” section).

Tradable coin policy 
You will have the ability to trade numerous coins on our platform. We support most coins that are available on Binance. Excluded are privacy coins and coins that are considered too low in liquidity by our liquidity model or have too much risk exposure according to our risk analyzer model. You are only able to trade in reputable coins that are available on the leading crypto exchanges, ICO’s for example are excluded from service as it is hard to determine the legitimacy of the coin. In Appendix A you will find a list of coins that are tradeable on our platform. For more details please consult our Coin Rules Policy.

Breach of guidelines steps
After we have determined a breach of the rules and guidelines we will take the following steps: We will immediately put all affected strategies on full, thus blocking extra capital from flowing into the Bot.We will inform the users the Bot has deviated from the Bot description.You will get 48 hours to rectify the breachIf after this period the Bot still deviates from the description and the original algorithm that passed the quarantine, the bot will be terminated and the AUM of the users transferred to their available funds.

Bot Creator Performance Policy
Bot Creator Terms and Conditions
Bot Creator 'short' feature Terms and Conditions

Note: If the breach is deemed serious enough we reserve the right to immediately terminate all affected Bots and return the invested assets to the wallets of our users, without providing 48 hours to rectify the situation


That's it

You’re now running a successful bot. Keep up the great work and "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome". Improve your bot or create another one based on another idea. Who knows… Your bot might be the next Bot of the week!