About BOTS

BOTS is an app that serves as a platform for connecting Algorithmic Traders with capital and enabling retail investors to use automated trading strategies. Our unique product makes it possible for mom and pop investors to trade like a pro, whilst providing Quants with funds to run their algorithms.

The League

During the 3 month challenge you will be going up against the other contestants trying to achieve the highest percentage return during this period. You will be able to trade any crypto asset you want* and use whatever strategy you think will make your Bot the best performing one of the competition.

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remaining to apply

To enter the competition you will need to apply before the 22nd of January 2021. After you have applied, you will be onboarded ready to trade in the BOTS League. To apply you simply need to fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

To help you get connected to our platform we have collected all the information you need in our onboarding guide which you can download here. For tips and tricks you can also get in touch with our community on Discord and be sure to check out the BOTS League channel.

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BOTS TV coverage

During the challenge our studio will be reporting on the progress of the League. We will be doing interviews with the contestants and providing you with helpful tips and tricks to make your algorithm perform at the highest level possible. The BOTS TV broadcast will be on Fridays on a biweekly basis starting Jan 15th - 4:00 PM CET. The League will kick off in the second episode, on Friday Jan 29th, and will run until the finals on April 30th 4:30PM CET.

How will you make your Bot beat the competition?

The Final Call

At the end of the competition we will look at the performance of all the contestants and select the 10 best performers and of course…

crown the

Number 1

Prize pool

The winner of the League will get € 2500,-- in cash, but also number 2 till 10 will make money! After the League all the participants can submit their algorithm for approval and get it live on our platform. In addition to the prize money, it is our intention to give the first three winners assets to trade worth up to 


Will you create the prize winning bot?

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