EURB Stablecoin

A token that is fully collateralized 1-to-1 by euro in cash or cash equivalents.


Out of the many advantages that EURB contributes to digital financial markets, we are allowing users to transact in a trusted and secure way with a Euro-backed and denominated asset that takes benefits of the forefront technology that blockchain offers. As it allows the oversight of financial regulators, we created a smart Euro.


EURB cash is held by European based and regulated banks

Fully Reserved

EURB reserves are held in cash and cash equivalents, meaning that customer funds are always kept safe.

Safety & Transparency 

By partnership with big exchanges, EURB gives customers the ability to store and send EURB with freedom, unrestricted by the limitations of traditional banking. Move money instantaneously, anytime, anywhere.

BOTS Slovakia works with a third-party audit firm that is independent and trusted to conduct smart contract security audits, ensuring that the smart contract is sound and secure.

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Learn about EURB and stablecoins in our whitepaper