The personal approach of our specialists combined with our magnificent and award-winning algorithm platform: BOTS. Together, we have a good chat about which profit/risk profile suits you.

Entry is possible for investments from €10,000 to €100,000.
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  • In recent years, Bitcoin has increased in value from $0.03 in 2010 to $68,000 in 2021
  • Crypto currencies are increasingly part of professional investment portfolios
  • Wealthy people are looking for an alternative to the -0.5% interest rate that several large banks are charging on their savings account
  • Your own contact person who helps you with your first steps in the crypto currency world
  • No annual fixed fees and transparent transaction costs
  • Allowing your assets to be managed by super-efficient algorithms

Start now and invest from €10,000 up to €100,000 via BOTS GOLD

Personal attention

BOTS GOLD is all about service. We help you with everything from downloading the app to choosing the bots. A fixed contact person is at your disposal to guide you through the world of crypto currency. In this way, you can have part of your assets run by super-efficient algorithms.

Personal risk profile

Together with your contact person, we determine which bots are best suited to your wishes. Whether it's a certain strategy, a certain level of risk or a certain amount of investment. Based on this profile, we can suggest a selection of bots to help you make the right decision.

“Wealthy people are looking for an alternative to the -0.5% interest rate that several large banks are charging on their savings account.”

No annual fixed fees

As a BOTS GOLD user, you pay no annual fixed costs but only transaction costs if the bots actually work for you. BOTS works with ultra-transparent transaction costs. You pay only 0.2% per transaction that the bot performs for you in order to earn returns. You can see the returns from your bots portfolio clearly in the app and the return percentages are net returns. If you wish to return money to your account from your available funds in the app, we charge 1.5% of the amount being returned.


A telephone or video call is easy to arrange

Are you interested in BOTS GOLD? Use the calendar below to quickly and easily arrange a no-obligation appointment with one of our BOTS GOLD managers. They will be happy to help you.

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Bear in mind that BOTS is a platform service, we help our customers to connect with the bot creators. We do not create investment strategies and do not provide investment advice.

If you choose to become a BOTS GOLD member, you will receive a personal explanation of how the BOTS platform works, tailored to your specific questions and requirements. You can then choose the bots you wish to use based on your own preferences.

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There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.