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Grow with us, and become a shareholder.

In two years, BOTS has grown into a company with about 150 employees, spread all over the world. We are active with the BOTS app in more than 30 countries and have around 300 bots running on the app. We have a unique product with high scalability and broad customer potential, and the only way we see from here is up.

To continue to grow, we are giving private individuals one more chance to participate in the company.

Here's a glimpse of what Colin Groos, our CCO, has to say about the trading platform BOTS: 

Our Offer

The certificates have a value of € 50. The minimum purchase is 30 certificates.
The certificate round will start on July 8, 2022, for which we want to raise a maximum of 5 million. Do not wait too long because from experience we have seen that these sell off quickly.

Why invest in BOTS?

BOTS is the marketplace for automated trading strategies called bots. Users can access a large number of bots through a super easy app, made by the best developers and traders in the world. Intelligent trading algorithms do 75% of all global trading on exchanges. And for quite some time now, algorithmic trading has been poorly accessible to consumers. But BOTS is here to fill the gap.

If you would like to meet in person and hear more about our company and all the plans we have, please register here for the presentation on October 27, 2022.

Yes, I want to invest!

What is the step-by-step plan now?

Step 1: Fill in the form below.
Step 2: We will ask you by email for further details and a copy of your ID or passport.
Step 3: We also ask you to transfer the funds to be invested within seven days to the ING account number: NL12 INGB 0009 0923 90 in the name of CMS Holding BV, stating “Deposit on certificates of shares BOTS + your name”.
Step 4: When you have paid, we will send you the agreement signed via email, in which we allocate the depositary receipts for the shares to you.
Step 5: You can then sign it digitally.
Step 6: You will receive a confirmation email from us and are, therefore, part of the company.

300+ bots on the platform
Team of 150 professionals
150K+ active customers
Active in 30+ countries
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There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bot?

A bot is a computer program designed by traders or developers to buy and sell assets for you at the right time based on a trading strategy. A bot is also called an algorithm.

How do I start a bot?

To start a bot, click the bots button at the bottom of your screen. Then choose a bot that appeals to you. Click the start this bot button and select the amount you want to deposit. To make a deposit you need to create an account.

How do I stop a bot?

Your dashboard shows your active bot. Press it and press stop this bot. Your money is now in available funds and can be returned or reinvested in another bot.

Do you charge for reversing money?

Yes, we charge a 1.5% exit fee when you return your amount from your available funds to your bank account. You can also leave the money in your available funds if you don't want to reinvest in a bot yet; this saves transfer costs.

Why is my amount delayed?

When you start a bot, it will be available to you within 2 business days. The same applies when you stop a bot. In most cases, you can get your money immediately because BOTS allows pre-financing.

Do you charge for depositing money into a bot?

We charge a 0.2% entry fee when you deposit an amount into our BOTS platform. When an amount is in available funds and you want to activate a bot from there, this costs 0.2% of the amount you deposit.

Are my funds stored safely with BOTS?

BOTS provides users with one of the safest trading environments, all our app users' money is deposited with 'BOTS Foundation Custodian'.