9 apps to use alongside BOTS
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9 apps to use alongside BOTS
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August 2, 2021

9 apps to use alongside BOTS

BOTS makes investing easy-peasy. For everyone. You can actually use the app with the same ease as you'd use your Spotify or Netflix! And to make things even easier, we've listed a few apps we recommend to use in addition to BOTS. All you have to do is take your pick!

Money apps

You, being smart as you are, only invest money you can actually miss. Duh. But to make sure you’re not spending your grocery money (or your retirement savings), it’s important to be aware of your personal financial situation. And of course, there are a few handy-dandy apps that can help you with just that.

· Banking app. Whichever bank you’re with, the banking app that goes with it is absolutely indispensable. The app will tell you all about the funds on your account, the bills that you have (and haven’t) paid, your savings balance — and so on. You can even use your banking app to make your investment in BOTS!

· Budget apps. In addition to the banking app, many banks also offer a budget app. A great little app that’ll give you insight into your spendings. Within a few minutes, you’ll know exactly how much you spend on groceries, petrol, or other things. This app is often linked to your banking app, and you can even tag your investments as a separate category in these apps! A great way to see how much you invest, and more importantly: how much you ultimately yield.

· Investment apps. A good investor generally spreads his risks: something that’s possible with the BOTS app as well! All you have to do is select several bots with different risk levels, and voilà: you’ve spread your risk! Would you really like a chance to compare other investment apps with ours? Then downloading a few investment apps is the way to do it. Pay close attention to things like the transaction costs: you wouldn’t want to lose too many funds on those! At BOTS by RevenYOU you only pay 0.0002 x your deposit. Part is for the bot developer and part for us. Fair and transparent.

Informative apps

Besides having control and insight over the growth of your funds, it never hurts to get some extra information. There’s a number of apps that are a handy addition to the BOTS app.

· News. Everything that happens in the world affects the economy to varying degrees. Being aware of developments in the world can give you some extra insight. A good news app will make sure you’re always well-informed.

· Financial sheets. Not everyone likes to read extensive stock market news in the newspaper. Luckily, there are plenty of magazines that bring you the most important stock updates via an app.

· RTLZ. The RTLZ app brings a combination of news and stock market news and supplements this with reports, opinion pieces and background information. With the RTLZ app, you are fully informed about the latest trends, the latest news and the most important backgrounds!

Inspiring apps

Apart from knowledge and skills, a portion of inspiration is a must. When inspired, your personal goals grow. Goals that you might just achieve a bit quicker with the BOTS app!

· Streaming services. Hundreds of documentaries and films have been created about the subjects of trading and investing. Check your streaming app for the subject FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and let yourself be inspired! You are guaranteed to have a different view of your own money and how to make this work in your favour. Feeling more like some blockbusters? The Wolf of Wall Street and Jerry Maguire are classics!

· Sprout. If you are interested in investing, entrepreneurship, startups and scale ups, Sprout is the place to be. This platform shares inspiring stories: success stories, but stories that everyone can learn from as well. Loads of inspiration to find at Sprout!

· Podcasts. You can also collect your daily dose of inspiration via your podcast app. Using the right search terms (trading, investing, FIRE, growing money), you will find a huge range of fun, educational and above all inspiring podcasts. Choose a podcast that meets your needs, and be surprised by new insights!

Which app do you find absolutely indispensable to use alongside BOTS? We’re curious about your tips and tricks!

Need any help with anything?

Even though automated investing is incredibly easy, you might need some time to find your way around the app and discover all the options. So if you still have questions wandering around your mind, or you just can’t seem to figure it out, please do not hesitate to contact the BOTS support department.

Don’t feel like calling our support team? Just head to the BOTS YouTube channel and browse through the dozens of instructional videos that may help you further. You are also royally invited to the BOTS Discord channel.

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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