BNB: Making all sorts of transactions possible
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BNB: Making all sorts of transactions possible
Market Insights
June 24, 2021

BNB: Making all sorts of transactions possible

The Binance story starts with Changpeng Zhao, born in Jiangsu, China. This Chinese-Canadian coder once started with building high-frequency trading systems for Wall Street. Later on, in July 2017 became the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange that became the largest exchange in the world: in less than 180 days.

The Binance Exchange is one of the fastest exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. It handles around 1.4 million (!) orders per second. The main goal of the Binance Coin (the native coin to the Binance Blockchain, also known as BNB) is fuelling these 1.4 million orders and, by doing so, empowering the Binance ecosystem. In simple words: you can use Binance Coins to buy other cryptocurrencies! Do you use Binance Coin to make your payments? Then you can trade at a discount!

But that’s not all. This handy dandy coin has several uses and can be used to:

● Make credit card payments;

● Pay for travel arrangements;

● Buy virtual gifts;

● Process payments;

● Make investments;

● Make loans and transfers;

● And donate to charity.

So whether you’d like to treat someone to a high tea, have some fun on the Binance Exchange or book yourself a trip to Papua New Guinea: Binance Coin makes all sorts of transactions possible.

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