BOTS 2021 wrap up: What we reached and what is yet to come
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BOTS 2021 wrap up: What we reached and what is yet to come
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December 21, 2021

BOTS 2021 wrap up: What we reached and what is yet to come

2021 was anything but normal, which might even be an understatement. However, the world’s difficult situation didn’t stop BOTS from doing great things. So, as the year is almost ending, we would like to take you on a trip down memory lane and celebrate all the milestones that we achieved together with you!

Our first birthday and BOTS promises

In May 2021, we celebrated our first birthday! BOTS is a startup growing at a rapid speed. That all is thanks to you and the BOTS team will continue to develop and maintain the app 24/7 while listening to your feedback. Since our first birthday, the BOTS app has been improving step by step, with many more bots available and many more countries added. Find out more about BOTS’ first-year milestones in this post.

In 2021, we launched our four BOTS promises, to grow our community even further with more trust. Our first promise to you is that your investments are always safe. You can always count on us if you run into any issues with our app. At BOTS humans will always be ready to help, as we are here to help. Lastly, we promise it will get even better over time, with higher returns and lower risks.

BOTS's international DNA

In a world where the internet connects us all, bringing forth the booming crypto industry, BOTS is becoming more and more international. In 2021 we entered more than 30 countries. In those countries, people can use BOTS to start their automated trading adventure. Making algorithmic trading available to anyone, which is our core mission.

Helping us with our international endeavor is the highly talented BOTS team that grew to 100 employees in 2021 over three different offices over Europe. The team consists of more than 30 different nationalities. However, as we are a fast-growing company, we still have many open vacancies. Are you interested in joining our international team of talented people? Check out the vacancies here.

84,2% of you profited in 2021

Now, let’s talk about money. BOTS, of course, revolves around trading with trading bots. In many cases, these bots are making a profit, even during not-so-ideal market conditions like the several extremely volatile crashes this year. Nevertheless, 84,2% of the BOTS loyal users were in profit this year. This is an excellent score compared to other trading platforms.

Speaking of investments, BOTS itself saw a significant increase in funding. We raised €13 million, which will help us grow even faster and make the user experience even better. gained 1774.8%

Some amazing facts about the BOTS app: More than 60.000 people started their automated trading adventure this year. We welcomed 292 new trading bots in our app, developed by over 30 bot creators divided over several teams. As we mentioned, 84,2% of you are in profit.

And those of you with by Team Altrady in their portfolio have a terrific year in 2021. That trading bot returned a staggering 1774,8%. You might want to keep an eye out for Team Altrady’s next project…

Sneak peek into the future of BOTS

Now that we have wrapped up some of the great milestones we reached together with you, it is time to look forward to 2022 with you! The BOTS app is constantly developing to make the user experience as easy but functional as possible. That way, we aim to offer you all the information you need for your trading adventure while also making it easily usable for anyone in the world. Curious about automated trading with BOTS in 2022? Find a small sneak peek in the image below!

Thank you for being a BOTS user in 2021, and let’s make 2022 even better! BOTS wishes you a profitable, but above all, healthy New Year.

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