Announcement: BOTS Alpha Club
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Announcement: BOTS Alpha Club
Bots News
October 6, 2022

Announcement: BOTS Alpha Club

Dear BOTS Alpha Club Members,

We have decided to build our focus and community entirely around our core product, the BOTS app. For this reason, for the time being, we will not be going through with the roadmap previously announced via the BOTS Alpha Club project.

We are offering a refund to people who bought (or minted) a BOTS Alpha Club NFT (for 0.2 Ethereum) directly from BOTS. This refund will be deposited in the wallet that was used for your original mint. You can still keep the NFT, but we will not be going ahead with the rest of the roadmap that included other utilities.

Until November 30th, 2022, you can request your refund via this form 

The refund will be deposited within 14 days. 

If in the future, it seems feasible to resume the NFT project, we will, of course, take it up with pleasure!

Questions? Our support team is happy to help you!

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