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BOTS Birthday Message
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May 18, 2021

BOTS Birthday Message

Hi BOTS app users,

What a first year it has been! I am proudly looking back at a great first year with an amazing team of employees and bot creators. In the past year we added 150 new bots in the app, had over 250.000 downloads, welcomed two BOTS millionaires and the app expanded to more than 15 new countries! Next to these great achievements, like many other startups, we also experienced several challenges. We were facing several technical issues regarding the app and by working and learning as quickly as we can, we controlled those challenges.

With this letter, I personally want to thank you all for your trust in BOTS. We have the team, the resources and the business model to create a mindblowing future and I can’t wait to celebrate many more BOTS birthdays with all of you!

Kind regards,

Michiel Stokman


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