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BOTS goes global
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April 14, 2021

BOTS goes global

We are taking more and more steps to make the BOTS app even more secure. Therefore, in this message we would like to take you further into account the developments in the field of security measures, international expansion and, as a result, changed conditions.

BOTS becomes even safer

You can sit back with even more peace of mind and let the bots do the work. Because from now on, the money of all our app users will be deposited with 'Foundation BOTS Custodian'.

Previously, your money was housed by CMS Beheer BV. But with this change, you as a BOTS user are even better protected. In the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong with BOTS, your money is safe and accessible.

BOTS goes global

Recently, BOTS has been growing at over 30% per month and new bots have filled up within minutes. That's an amazing result. Our goal at BOTS is to give everyone worldwide access to super smart investing through the BOTS app. We hope to change the (financial) world together with you. To achieve this goal, we are setting up global BOTS offices on all continents.

We are now active in 6 countries and as a first step we have set up a Europe office in Hungary and are working towards hubs in Singapore, Mauritius and Costa Rica, among others. A first change that comes with this internationalization is the change in our General Terms and Conditions & Privacy Statement.

Following the international expansion, two new services are visible in the app that allow starting a bot and withdrawing money. These are euro2crypto and crypto2euro. Both services are provided by BOTS Hungary.

Changes to the General Terms and Conditions & Privacy Statement

On April 15, 2021, BOTS' Terms & Conditions & Privacy Statement will be updated for all BOTS users. As part of these changes, BOTS' Terms & Conditions will be transferred from CMS Beheer B.V. to BOTS Hungary Ltd. And as mentioned, the funds will be transferred to an independent BOTS Custodian Foundation.  

Read here the General Terms and Conditions & Privacy Statement which are effective as of April 15. If you do not agree with the amended Terms & Conditions, you must notify us within three weeks. In this case, you must stop using the BOTS app and return your credit to your account. If you do nothing, you agree and the changes will be applied automatically. The bots will continue to work as usual.

App updates

Besides making the app more secure we will be working hard to make the BOTS app better and more stable. In the coming days we will also continue to improve the ease of use around the international expansion.

We want to keep you informed as much as possible and we have been active on our Discord channel lately for any questions. We welcome your feedback on how we can improve our transparency and communication even more.

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