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May 25, 2021


Bitcoin week

After what was most definitely a Black Friday, prices stabilized again on Sunday night. The new Covid variant caused a lot of unrest on both the stock exchange and the crypto market.

Many experts are still looking bullishly at the coming period, but are also scared that Bitcoin won’t maintain support at $54,000. Analysts indicate that there was a large buying threshold at $54,000, which we saw on Sunday night. We’re staying positive, relying on indicators that there’ll be another nice run in the coming weeks.

Standout BOTS: NFT bot

We’ve already discussed NTFs (non-fungible tokens). They’re a link (a type of ownership) on a blockchain of an account to a unique (non-exchangeable) digital item via a smart contract. NFTs are truly unique and can’t be replaced with something else, allowing you to link ownership to digital objects.

We currently have two NFT bots on the platform, which got full very quickly. However, we’ll add some extra volume on the NFT Trend bot this week, so it’s your chance to get your spot on this bot. Don’t miss out!

BOTS to keep an eye on

There are a number of BOTS that have done well recently. I’ve highlighted some of last week's top performers below. Note that this isn’t advice, but a chance to see which bots are doing well and which ones you could consider.

Bots to keep an eye on

Would you like to invest more?

If you’re considering investing more funds into your bots, but not quite sure which ones to choose, we’re here to help. Email and let us know how much you’re planning to invest, and when. 

We’ll share analysis from our bot creator department, with data that could help you make better choices. Note that this isn’t advice – just information that hopefully helps you make more informed decisions

Have a great week.

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