BOTS Gold Newsletter Week 25
June 10, 2021

BOTS Gold Newsletter Week 25

Discover which bot to start.

Hi, BOTS app user,

The summer holidays are almost upon us and the crypto market might just have something in store to make those holidays a lot more interesting! Discover all about the mother of dragons, the weekly stars and monthly heroes, which bots you do not want to miss out on and what might just be your future job!

Don’t miss out on these bots!

Who are the best performers at this moment, and which top-performers did just become available? These are the bots you don’t want to miss out on right now. 

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The mother of dragons

Ah, our sweet, sweet Bitcoin: the mother of dragons amongst cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency with the most intriguing storylines evolving around it. Do you know all there is to know? You will now…

Discover Bitcoin

New bots in the BOTS app

You’ll see new bots joining the BOTS app on pretty much a daily basis and the market caps are increased almost daily as well. The bots release planning will ensure that you’re always in the know when it comes to new bots and increased market caps.

See bot releases

Talent wanted!

Do you have what we’re looking for? BOTS is growing with the speed of light, and the good news is: we’re expanding! So have you always wanted to work for a fast-growing fintech company and help shape the future of trading and investing? We’re currently looking for:

C++ Developer

Do you know everything there is to know about backend development and integration of mission-critical systems? Or in other words: are you an experienced and driven C++ developer? Well, get ready to roll up those sleeves because we are looking for the newest member of our Tech Team! 

See if you tick all the boxes: find the total vacancy down below!

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Flutter Dart Developer

Do you know your way around Flutter and Dart, and could you work according to the Scrum methodology with your eyes closed (please don’t, though!)? Then you might just be the person we’re looking for! We’re currently looking for an experienced and driven front end developer to work on the core of our product!

Curious? You can find the total vacancy down below!

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Need help?

In the unlikely event that you need help with something, our support team is ready to assist you. You can contact them directly or have a look at our Discord channel. We are always more than happy to assist you.

For now, we wish you a fun and successful week with the BOTS app.

About BOTS

BOTS is a tech company that has developed an app that makes it possible for anyone to invest from €50. BOTS uses automated trading strategies so you can invest in cryptocurrency quickly and even without knowledge. Previously, these strategies were only accessible to the richest 3% of the world. BOTS now makes automated investing accessible to everyone. In 2021, it will also be possible to invest in stocks and other currencies through BOTS. The app is free to download and quick and easy to install. BOTS currently operates in more than 15 countries and by the end of the year, BOTS wants to be active in at least 60 countries and 4 continents.

Need any help with anything?

If you still have questions about the BOTS app, please do not hesitate to contact the BOTS support department.

On the BOTS YouTube channel you can find other instructional videos that may help you further. You are also welcome on the Discord channel of BOTS.

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