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BOTS is officially ISO 27001:2017 certified
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September 23, 2021

BOTS is officially ISO 27001:2017 certified

Since July 19th trading app BOTS is officially ISO 27001:2017 certified after an intense procedure. With this certification, BOTS proves that it processes the users' data as carefully and safely as possible according to the official ISO standards.

“We are proud of achieving the 27001:2017 ISO certification. This certification is important to handle the enormous amounts of data of our users as carefully and safely as possible. We arrange our procedures well, do careful checks and handle access to data with the greatest care. With this ISO certification, we can prove we do everything according to the highest standards to offer quality in the field of information security. We are one step closer to the safest app for our users and to our mission of providing a worldwide source of additional income to everyone by using high-tech investment strategies”, says Michiel Stokman, CEO of BOTS. 

Stefan Bijen, CTO at BOTS, adds: “Safety is a shared responsibility at BOTS. We are always aiming to reach the highest level of safety demands and deliver the best financial platform in the world. ISO 27001:2017 certification confirms that we have high standards and offer a trustworthy platform to our users.” 

About ISO 27001:2017 certificering 

ISO is the International Standardization Organization. ISO 27001:2017 is a worldwide recognized standard in the field of information security. The ISO 27001:2017 confirms that a company meets all standards concerning information security. This concerns how the management of a company manages a safe working environment, how a company makes sure to have the right colleagues in the correct places with the correct access rights, how a company develops her product as safe and secure as possible and monitoring as well as measuring that all this is handled correctly based on strict guidelines. Click here for more information about the ISO 27001:2017 certification.

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