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BOTS Newsletter May 2021
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May 10, 2021

BOTS Newsletter May 2021

“Happy Birthday to BOTS” or at least almost. In this update BOTS will share its plans for the upcoming first birthday and you can snoop around in the strategies of bot creator Freek.

Do bots really trade better than humans?

Every week BOTS gives you the newest insights on Bitcoin and Ethereum. How did the market perform and how did our BOTS perform? Do bots really trade better than humans? You can read more here.

Bot creator Freeks reveals his trading strategies

Freek Niekmeijer (or as most of the BOTS users know him: Rave before the Machine) spill everything there is to know about creating a bot. He may have even shared some of his trading strategies. Chech out the whole video here.

Happy Birthday to us!

Next week BOTS will celebrate its 1st year anniversary and a celebration is on its way. Make sure you follow BOTS on social media to be part of the celebration, and who knows you might be the one taking home a grant 1 year anniversary price!



What is the Bitcoin prediction of our BOTS TV guest?

Curious to learn more about how BOTS is rocking the world of investing, making it more fair and transparent and accessible to everyone? You should really check out BOTS TV. Don’t miss it. Check out the last episode of BOTS TV here.

Need help?

In the unlikely event that you need help with something, our support team is ready to assist you. You can contact them directly or take a look at our Discord channel. We are happy to assist you.

For now, we wish you a fun and successful week with the BOTS app.

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