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BOTS Performance
Market Insights
June 11, 2021

BOTS Performance

BOTS Performance | December 9th, 2021

Ready to see which bots have been doing their job the best last month? Good. Because we’ve lined them up for you in this monthly performance update!

In the BOTS app, you find many trading bots, each performing differently depending on their strategies. To give you insight into the performances of these trading bots, we have made an overview for you in which we compare their performances to each other. Are your bots part of this month's list?

The reason why we benchmark our trading bots is to show you that, in most instances, bots trade better than humans. While you see Bitcoin go up, a trading bot might be able to generate a higher profit due to its strategy. Also, when markets go down, trading bots may still generate a profit or minimize the losses by making intelligent decisions based on pure data. Emotion plays a significant role in a trader’s actions; luckily, bots don’t have those emotions.

Please note that the data in this overview is a snapshot. This means that the results you see in the app may vary since they are based on real-time data.

Monthly Performance

Last month was a good month for NFT cryptocurrencies again! In the monthly BOTS performance update, we find NFT TrendBot by Laika in the top spot. That trading bot returned an impressive 53%. Also Steamboat did well, returning almost 48% to its investors! Find the complete update above.

About BOTS

BOTS is a tech company that has developed an app that makes it possible for anyone to start investing. You only need €5 to get started. BOTS uses automated trading strategies based on algorithms. We call these algorithms bots. These bots are tiny superheroes: they make automated investing accessible to everyone. With their help, you can invest in cryptocurrency within minutes — without any knowledge!

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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