BOTS Weekly Performance - DO NOT USE
September 23, 2021

BOTS Weekly Performance - DO NOT USE

September 29, 2021

This week’s BOTS Performance update shows two Boosting Alpha trading bots in the top 3! HODL the bottle top 35 returned 39,35% while HODL the bottle top 40 returned 32,69%. On the third spot, we find Dagobert Buck’s Small Coins 1 bot, which saw a weekly change of 13,08%.

Last week was again a pretty volatile week. Bitcoin was recovering from an 18% correction, but the news that China will ban crypto transactions caused another correction during the week. However, some smaller altcoins in the top 100 still performed well. The HODL’ing bots enjoyed these price movements the most, as you can see in their weekly changes. Small Coins 1 managed to get some nice returns by trading smaller altcoins against bitcoin.

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Please note that the data in this overview is a snapshot. This means that the results you see in the app may vary since they are based on real-time data.

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