Build your pension with the help of a robot? This is how.
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Investing Basics
Build your pension with the help of a robot? This is how.
Investing Basics
August 2, 2021

Build your pension with the help of a robot? This is how.

If you'd ask someone whether they depend on technology, you'd most likely get answered with denial: "are you mad? I can easily live without it!". But in reality, this is often a different story. We've become so accustomed to the conveniences that technology brings. There are dozens of applications of technology in daily life that people learned to depend on. But in many industries, technology plays an even more significant part. Robots are at the cradle of automation, and many jobs are actually at risk of being redundant in the future. But the question is: how much do we depend on technology, and how can we use technology to our advantage?

Robots in logistics

At this moment in time, eighty per cent of the work in department stores is done by people. The remaining twenty per cent is filled by conveyor belts, scanners, computers and other machines. In all honesty, the process of moving a product from one spot to another seems simple enough but often turns out to be pretty complicated. A robot can perform such a task quickly and always with the same result. But the moment something deviates from the norm, such as a garment with a large stain, the robot no longer understands what to do. This is the main reason that humans still perform the vast majority of work.

Nevertheless, great experiments are conducted with techniques such as machine learning. The artificial intelligence of robots is trained so that the robot can successfully handle any situation. No wonder that the expectations are that the future will be filled with robots emptying trucks and delivering products to suitable locations in department stores. Even though big companies do not yet dare to make firm statements about a robotic upcoming, one thing is sure: robots will be a big part of the future!

‍Robots in healthcare

If there’s any industry where robots are welcomed with open arms, it’s healthcare. Even though one might be a bit more conservative than the other, in general, innovation can’t come fast enough. Start-ups in healthcare are popping up like mushrooms, and they all try to solve the most challenging issues. The idea prevails that robots in healthcare are only used for body scans and precise operations with robotic arms. But in reality, it’s mainly artificial intelligence that’s making an advance in disrupting the industry.

One of the most known examples is the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence during diagnosis. With something as small as the scan of a specific body part, the artificial intelligence manages to recognize patterns and develop a treatment plan on the dot. Could the next step be independently diagnosing patients? Or how about using robots to make artificial prostheses, assist during operations, come up with solutions for mental health, or perform administrative tasks to free up some needed time for doctors? In an industry where lives are literally at stake, innovation won’t happen overnight — but the ideas out there are irreversible.

‍Self-driving robots

The robots that seem to have been getting the most attention are self-driving cars. Billions have been invested in a fully self-driving vehicle. At the moment, there are several cars, such as the Tesla, that allow assisted driving: meaning that the car will steer itself on highways. A camera, radar, lidar and artificial intelligence will enable the car to drive autonomously.

The assistance of robots can be divided into five levels: level one has no robotics support, and level five has no human support whatsoever. At this moment, the commercial car sales are working on a level three. Experiments have been happening behind the scenes for years now. Companies such as Tesla, Google, General Motors and Uber are competing to be the first to deliver a fully self-driving car to the public. They all agree that the self-driving car won’t be here for another few years, so all we can do is wait to see who will reach level five first!

The controversy surrounding robots

The dangers of robots have been described in fictional novels, scientific papers and put on the scene in blockbuster movies for decades. On the one hand, companies are investing over 100 billion in the research and production of robots in recent years, but on the other, nobody wants to know about it.

A recent survey showed that only 17% of female and 34% male respondents would feel comfortable in a fully self-driving car. This may just be an example, but imagine how restless people might get when they start wondering what happens when robots determine our fate as judges, lawyers or teachers. Suppose the entire parliament of the future consists of robots powered by artificial intelligence- will there still be a place for us on this earth? Disturbing questions that anyone can ask themselves, and unfortunately, no answers to be found. The solution? Let’s first focus on the benefits that robotics bring!

Robots for old age

The applications mentioned above of robots may sound like a distant future scenario. However, robots are used more often than one might realize. Robots are very actively used in the stock markets, forex markets, and cryptocurrency markets. The robots carry out orders based on technical analysis without the involvement of a human. Human emotion is turned off, and purely predetermined choices are carried out. By doing so, the robot, in this case, a programmed system, can generate a return that contributes to the investor’s pension.

Big investors on Wall Street have used this trading technology for years, but now, everyone can enjoy it. Thousands of programmers develop trading robots based on technical indicators daily. With artificial intelligence, these robots continue to get more intelligent and better able to invest. Parties such as RevenYOU enable everyone — experienced investor or not, to let a robot handle your investments within a few minutes via a mobile application — taking all the work off your hands. Another exciting way to work with robots and an insightful way of accruing a pension!

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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