Certificate Holders Update July 2021
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Certificate Holders Update July 2021
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July 9, 2021

Certificate Holders Update July 2021

Certificate Holders Update July 2021 - News for Investors

Dear certificate holders,

The second quarter of 2021 has passed—another quarter without dull moments for the BOTS app, which still dedicates itself to conquer the world. Behind the scenes, we have been working hard to introduce new bots in stocks, real estate and loans, shaping ourselves more as a financial platform, and less dependent on the more erratic cryptosystem. 

Due to this rapid growth, we have informed you less often than you are used to from us. From now on, you will receive this investor update every quarter. We will, of course, inform you in the meantime in the event of significant changes, collaborations or other noteworthy information.

In September, we will organize another Q&A, as we did during the last investor meeting. You will receive an invitation to this separately. 

Looking back on Q2 

The Q2 turnover doubled since Q1, from €1.7M to €4.3M, the assets under management and funded accounts grew by more than a quarter, and many foundations have been laid for international growth and expansion. The Management Team has been strengthened with Michiel Derksen (CTTO - brings 17 years of experience as Market Maker at IMC on the Zuidas) and Karianne van der Biezen (Marketing and Operations after setting up and selling three companies in the past 20 years) and the team has further grown to 60 employees with 21 nationalities.

In addition, a lot of turbulence in the crypto markets. Looking back at the most important financial points of each month:


  • In April, we decided to extend the international expansion of the BOTS app via Hungary. In addition, we have started a cooperation with Banxa. Banxa is an on- and off-ramp partner with which that can exchange euros to cryptos and back. A company like Banxa works well with a platform like BOTS to handle the licences and payments for many countries in Europe, Australia and Asia. 

  • In May, it was a combination of good and bad news. A significant step forward was the collaboration with WEG Bank from Germany. The strategic partnership with WEG Bank aims to take several necessary steps. For starters, they will focus on safety. WEG Bank AG contributes to quick and comfortable transfer of transactions in the BOTS app by using secure payment flows. In addition, there were significant price fluctuations in the various cryptocurrencies in mid-May. For example, on May 9, Bitcoin was still trading at $58,000, and we had the first BOTS app millionaire, but ten days later, the bitcoin was at $30,000. While other apps and exchanges were down, our systems kept running. It was a good test which we indeed passed, though not the best of experiences. 

  • In June, the stock markets calmed down, but less net growth between entry and exit was noticeable. There is no reason to panic, though; people are simply a little more cautious—time for us to further develop the BOTS Investors Collective. Several certificate holders have put together a more considerable amount to enable the growth of the BOTS app. In addition, we also completed the Due Diligence with a Dutch Venture Capital party. The deal is almost done now. But one should not sell the hide until one has shot the bear. Anticipating the new growth funds, we have prepared and started new Marketing Campaigns (including TV in Belgium, influencers in Denmark, Croatia, Spain and Investment websites, among others). This is to enable the growth of new funded accounts and deposits in Q3 and Q4.  

Financial model overview

We have updated our financial model with the latest insights every month since the BOTS app went live in May 2020. This gives BOTS direction. With the customer's and you as a certificate holder's interests in mind, BOTS goes full throttle if possible, breaks if necessary and stays within the legal frameworks. A start-up with international ambitions is never dull.  

In the overview below, the most important financial indicators and the 2021 ambitions:

BOTS is growing and changing fast. That is why it is essential to stay up to date. you can find our bulletin board on which you can buy or sell certificates. We need your help: due to our rapid growth, we need more and more employees. If you have someone in your network suitable for BOTS, please direct them to our career page, which can be found below. 

In this update, we especially want to draw attention to the vacancy of VP of Engineering.

If you have any questions about this update, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you personally. 

Bulletin Board

Investors can buy or sell certificates through the bulletin board. More information is provided in the document on how to buy or sell certificates by emailing anita@revenyou.io.

Bulletin board


Here you can find all the current vacancies at BOTS. If you know someone suitable, or if you think you can support BOTS yourself, please get in touch with us at jobs@revenyou.io or apply via our website.

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