Discover the game-changing feature: BOTS Manager
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Discover the game-changing feature: BOTS Manager
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November 18, 2022

Discover the game-changing feature: BOTS Manager

Each week, the BOTS Manager selects a couple of bots that have performed well in recent months and have the potential to perform in the current market conditions. Investing via the BOTS app has never been easier - we help choose the right bots.

No paradox of choice

In recent years, the BOTS app has developed into a platform offering hundreds of trading strategies.

While this abundance of choice is great for experienced traders who know exactly what they want, it can be too overwhelming for novice investors. This paradox of choice is what the BOTS Manager helps to eliminate. When presented with too many options, weighing the pros and cons of each of them and then making the right choice can be harder. And so, instead of throwing 400 different options at our users, we want to help by presenting to you a couple of bots recommended by professionals 

BOTS Manager can be your introduction to investing and trading with cryptocurrencies. Once you become more familiar with the BOTS app, you can easily add a bot of your choice to your portfolio via our bot store. In the meantime, let the BOTS Manager help you out.

How does the BOTS Manager work?

The BOTS Manager essentially combines the intelligence of bots and humans. The image below shows how it works:

Adapted risk levels

For the BOTS Manager, the investment committee can select and recommend different bots per week, and the risk profile will thus differ weekly. When the markets move down, the investment committee selects and recommends bots that can provide small profits. In times when the markets move up, they will accordingly adjust the risk levels. No matter how the markets move, the goal of the BOTS Manager remains the same: maximizing our users’ profits.

A first step

The BOTS Manager is a feature that we will continue to develop in the coming months. What you now find in the app is the very first version. For example, one of the functionalities we are currently working on is setting up automatic deposits of, say €100 per month. In investment parlance, we call that Dollar Cost Averaging. You can read more about that in this article.

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