Four tips to prepare yourself for your retirement
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Four tips to prepare yourself for your retirement
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August 5, 2021

Four tips to prepare yourself for your retirement

According to the CPB, it would be in the interest of young people to start working on their pensions themselves. Low interest rates continue to be a massive problem for pension funds, something young people will suffer from in the long term. So how about you? How are you preparing for your retirement? We'll share four tips with you!

Ways to prepare for your retirement

You may not want to think about it now, but you will retire someday. In most cases, you build up a pension through your employer. However, this isn’t always the case, so make sure to check this with your employer. If you want to continue to live the same lifestyle after you retire, it’s sensible to take some steps of your own as well. The belt will be zipped pretty tight with your pension benefit and state pension benefit alone.

That is why today, we are giving you four tips to build your own capital for your retirement.

1. Saving

You can start saving for your retirement today. If you put away a fixed amount every month, this will accumulate over time, and you will have a lovely little extra waiting for you once you turn 67. Safe and simple.

Do realize that in the end, saving will cost you money. This is due to inflation and the fact that the savings interest rates are currently at 0%. In 2019, inflation was 2.6%, which means your money lost 2.6% of its value. So if you have forty more years to go, your money will only be worth less and less over time.‍

2. Annuity policy

Another way to build capital for your retirement is to take out annuity insurance. You pay your insurer a premium every month, and they indicate the expected return. By the time you retire, they will pay you a monthly sum of your savings. The same way as things go with other pension benefits. Safe and simple, but not that flexible.

Do take additional costs into account when taking on this policy. These can run up significantly.‍

3. Managed investment

Several banks offer a special pension product in combination with managed investment. In most cases, you deposit the same amount every month, and the bank invests it for you. You can usually control the risk profile, but not the specific stocks, bonds and ETFs. You also won’t be able to withdraw your funds freely: you can only access this money after you retire.

4. Trading for yourself

You can also take full control of your future pension and start trading for yourself. You determine how much you invest, what risk you take, which markets you trade in and when you want to withdraw your money. When you invest for yourself, you are in complete control.

Let’s say you start trading for your retirement with the BOTS app. You can start with as little as €50. Getting started is easy. In the app, you check which bots are successful, what risk you are willing to take — and off you go. You determine how much you invest and when.

Bots are automatic trading strategies that trade for you based on algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Because they are bots, they never sleep and aren’t bothered by emotions like fear when the stock market fluctuates. Handy, right?

These automated trading strategies were only available to the wealthiest 3% of the global population back in the day. But now they are available to you — with the BOTS app: a smart way to be in total control of your pension plan and work your way towards retirement with peace of mind. And who knows, you might even manage to retire before you turn 67!

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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