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Question of the Week: How can I stop a bot?
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January 19, 2023

Question of the Week: How can I stop a bot?

Mr. P. de Vries from Sittard, the Netherlands, contacted us with the following question: How can I stop a bot, and what happens to my money?

This is quite simple. You can always stop an active bot by clicking on the relevant bot on your home screen. If you then press 'Manage bot' you will see the field 'Stop this bot'.

When you stop a bot, the money goes to your 'Available Funds'. This usually only takes a few minutes, but in some cases it can take up to two business days. When you stop a bot, it must be sold on the exchange as soon as possible. We strive for the best sales price, but depending on market activities, it may differ from the forecast.


When the amount is available in your 'Available funds' you can start another bot or have the money paid out to your own bank account. To withdraw your money, certain costs will be charged (see FAQ 'Does BOTS charge fees?').

Please note that it can take up to two business days for the money to appear in your personal account.

Don't let anyone tell you that there is such a thing as risk-free investing. No one has control over all economic influences. You can, of course, lose (part of) your investment. But always remember: Profit is the reward for risks taken.

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