Meet the Bear Fighter bot
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Meet the Bear Fighter bot
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January 3, 2023

Meet the Bear Fighter bot

Bear fighter is the first bot of its kind to use a short strategy on the BOTS app. One of the many great things about the Bear Fighter is that it doesn’t matter whether the market is trending upwards or downwards. The two open positions for each asset hedge against each other.

With the bear market being a thorn in the side of the world economy, the Bear Fighter bot by BOTS Originals is the first of many short bots coming to the BOTS app.

Why choose this bot?

  • Because this bot has a market-neutral strategy it can be a  good choice in times when markets are flat or even in a down trend (bearish). 
  • Within this bot’s strategy, timing and speed are very important, which is why an algorithm often outperforms manual traders.

How does the Bear Fighter bot work?

The Bear Fighter is the first bot in the BOTS app that can go 'short', making the well-known trading strategy called 'pairs trading' possible. This strategy assumes that if two assets that are strongly correlated to each other temporarily diverge, they will reunite after a short time. This moment of divergence is an opportunity to trade.  

The moment the two assets diverge, the bot makes a short trade on the asset that is moving up. At the same time, a long trade is placed on the other asset. When the assets are correlated once again, the trades are stopped.

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What is the risk?

Based on historical data, this strategy assumes that the assets will correlate after the divergence. However, this is not a guarantee; sometimes, this trend is broken. Although with this short technique you can never lose more than your investment, losing part of your investment is still possible.

Coins/ assets traded

This bot trades the cryptocurrency AVAX (Avalanche) and another asset that correlates to it. AVAX is a smart contract platform with a specific focus on decentralized finance with the main goal of dethroning Ethereum as the market leader. To achieve that, the AVAX team has built a blockchain that can process up to 4,500 transactions per second.

Why should you invest with BOTS?

Professional traders have known it for years; bots invest better than people. Our bots work for you 24/7 and never lose focus. They are designed to make choices for you with the lowest possible risk and the highest possible return. No complicated manual trading, just easy access to a steady revenue! All you need to do is create an account for free, choose a bot from our marketplace and get in on the action. Find out more about how the BOTS app works before you download it. What’s more—your first €10 is on us! Get the Full BOTS Experience by claiming your welcome gift today.

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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