NFT Whitelist Bot: 7 Most FAQs Answered
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NFT Whitelist Bot: 7 Most FAQs Answered
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May 24, 2022

NFT Whitelist Bot: 7 Most FAQs Answered

Want to be sure of a whitelist spot for the BOTS NFT Collection? Wondering what else our new NFT Whitelist BOT can help you do? Find all your questions answered here:

Q: If I deposit €200, and the value of my investment drops, will I still be eligible for whitelist?

A: Yes, absolutely! We’ll look at the initial investment for checking whitelist eligibility. 

Q: When is the cut-off date for the NFT Whitelist bot?

A: Make sure to deposit before midnight (CET) on the 6th of July at the latest. On the 7th of July we’ll be taking a snapshot of all holders of the NFT bot who made an initial investment of €200. 

Q: How will you know my wallet address?

A: On the 7th of July you’ll receive a notification in the BOTS app with a link. Follow this link to confirm the wallet address you want to be whitelisted on.

Q: When can whitelisters mint?

A: While the exact mint dates are not yet available, please make sure to join our Discord community to stay updated about the developments on the mint date. 

Q: Can I get whitelisted in any other way?

A: Yes, there are multiple ways to get a shot at a whitelist spot, such as being an active member in our Discord community. The NFT Whitelist bot however, is the only method to be guaranteed a whitelist spot.

Q: What will the mint price be?

A: We’ll announce the price of our NFT’s shortly before mint, but as of now, we can tell you that it will be affordable for most of our users. 

Q: Where can I learn more about the BOTS NFT’s? 

A: You can find all the available information on our AlphaBots website!

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