Ripple: smart little fella XRP
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Ripple: smart little fella XRP
Market Insights
June 25, 2021

Ripple: smart little fella XRP

So, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin, right? The coming and going of it, the huge increases (and drops) in its worth. Maybe you’ve even invested in it during a moment of profanity — and are now reading this little story from your luxurious yacht.

But have you ever heard of the Ripple, also known as XRP? Well, this little genius is there to make sure that transfers between different banks happen with the speed of light — without having to wait days for your transfer to hit the account.

How this clever little fella influences this? Let us take you for a peek behind the scenes and show you where the magic happens (cue the MTV Cribs tune).

Imagine you are sailing on that luxurious yacht you bought after making shitloads of money off Bitcoin. Ship ahoy! You see a lovely little island in the distance and decide to stop by for a quick lunch break. Cruising does make for hungry bellies, after all.

While enjoying your fancy-schmancy lunch, you get a text message from a friend.

“Hey dude, remember the 50 euro investment I borrowed you? I need it, like, RIGHT NOW — at the vet as the dog swallowed another sock. NEED THE MONEY ASAP! Will you transfer?”.

Because those 50 euros made you filthy rich, you decide to let your lunch go stale and complete the transfer right away. No time to lose! Lives are at stake! You open your mobile banking app and transfer the funds within seconds. Easy enough, right?

But whilst you sorted your transfer in the blink of an eye, the actual money will have to move through several banks before reaching your buddies’ account. You see these transfers reflected in the ‘transaction costs’, and your dear friend will have to wait an utterly useless 2 to 3 days to get the money you owe him. By that time, his dog will have died.

Poor Pluto.

So this is where the man, the legend, Ripple, comes in. This smart little fella is there to make sure your friends’ dog doesn’t die. Not this time, at least. When your bank buys XRP (the name of the Ripple coin, in case you’ve already forgotten), it can use this remarkable digital currency to make its payment to your friends’ bank. In his turn, your friends’ bank sells the XRP on receipt, and the proceeds of this sale are transferred to your friends’ bank account. Meaning he doesn’t have to wait three days, and that Pluto might just make a miraculous recovery!

A handy little coin, isn’t it? It might just be why the XRP was worth 0,006 dollars in 2017 and already increased its value to 3.65 dollars the year after.

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