Don't miss the chance of starting the Savings bot 6,75%
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Don't miss the chance of starting the Savings bot 6,75%
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July 1, 2022

Don't miss the chance of starting the Savings bot 6,75%

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this news: One of our latest bots, “Savings bot 6,75%” is running out of space fast! Start this bot now while you still can.

Your time is quickly running out if you haven’t added this bot to your active investment roster. BOTS is planning to release more savings bots in the coming weeks. However, these new savings bots will offer lower reward rates - lower than the 6,75% you could get with this bot! 

Save yourself from missing out and earn up to 6,75% on your savings before you miss your chance! The longer you wait, the more you’re potentially not earning on your savings.

The 6.75% Savings bot is a type of steadier-income investment. This bot is a lower-risk investment bot that might be well suited for you if you’re seeking to grow your wealth or investments over time to save for retirement or other long-term goals. 

Why choose this bot? 

In short: Lower risk, higher potential reward! This savings bot provides a reward rate of 6.75% per year. In a time when it can be difficult to gain interest in your savings account, this might be a unique opportunity to grow your capital.

What is your risk? 

This bot has a relatively low risk because it is based on the stable coin USDT (1 USDT tries always to be worth 1 US Dollar). You will still be exposed to the exchange rate between the Euro and the USDT.

What is your reward? 

Once you start a savings bot, you can just sit back and watch your savings grow with a reward rate of 6.75% per year. The reward gained will be paid out weekly and automatically reinvested in the bot. What's more, you can stop and restart this bot as often as you want.

What does this bot do?

This bot converts the money you deposit into the asset USDT. This USDT will be loaned out so BOTS can use it as part of a liquidity pool. A liquidity pool provides additional funds to help offer a seamless experience to all BOTS users. There is only a limited need for funds in the BOTS liquidity pool, so access to the savings bots is also limited.

This bot is provided by CMS Beheer B.V. Please note that the value of your deposit may fluctuate based on the current value of the USDT.  The value of your investment can go down as well as up.

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