Investor app BOTS donates 4.000 euros to Stichting AAP
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Investor app BOTS donates 4.000 euros to Stichting AAP
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November 17, 2021

Investor app BOTS donates 4.000 euros to Stichting AAP

Haarlem/Almere, November 17, 2021 - Investor app BOTS has donated 4,000 euros to Stichting AAP this month. The amount will be spent on the symbolic adoption of chimpanzee Marria, with which the fintech scale-up will guarantee the loving care at Stichting Aap for several years.

Successful collaboration

Investor app BOTS has an app and platform to allow anyone to trade with algorithms. For example, the platform offers more than 300 algorithms, or bots. These bots are built by professional bot builders with specializations in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms.

Internally, BOTS also has much of this knowledge and has developed several bots themselves. The team at BOTS that makes these bots themselves works under the name Planet of the Monkeys and they have made four different bots whose total proceeds go to Stichting AAP.

"We are proud of this new collaboration and happy that with the proceeds of our monkey bots we can help Stichting AAP. It is impressive to see what Stichting AAP does for exotic animals, and we are pleased that with this money we can offer chimpanzee Marria a good life. Without our users this would not have been possible, because everyone who has invested in the monkey bots has contributed to this donation. Our plan is to continue to focus on charity collaborations and in doing so focus on making the world more sustainable, said Colin Groos, CCO at BOTS.

Albert Vyge, relationship manager of Stichting AAP concludes, "With BOTS we add a new and innovative company to our donors. With this amount we can ensure that Marria receives the best possible care. From healthy food and clean accommodation to regular medical checks and expert guidance in her resocialization, so she learns to live with peers. We look forward to a long-term collaboration with BOTS."

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