Our Terms & Conditions are changing!
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Our Terms & Conditions are changing!
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August 19, 2022

Our Terms & Conditions are changing!

We would like to inform you that on the 31st of August, 2022, the Terms & Conditions of BOTS will be updated for all BOTS users.

We have made a quick summary of the main changes for you below. You can also read the full document here.

  1. We are expanding our services so we can manage, and/or recommend a selection of crypto-bots for you. 
  1. We’re introducing “Risk and Performance Optimisation”: this measure allows us to access your passive funds to limit the overall risk to certain third-party crypto exchanges and crypto assets. For example, we spread the risk of holding assets on one exchange across more third-party exchange providers and limit the risk of coins like Luna or USDT. And because our specialist traders are handling these moves, they might bring you some additional profits.
  1. We offer bots developed in-house! We now have the experience and know-how in our team to build our own bots, that we hold to the same strict standards as every other bot. In the unfortunate event that a bot is underperforming, we will remove it from the BOTS app. 
  1. We’ve updated the list of providers with new exchanges and trading platforms. BOTS connects you to these third parties,  and while we always strive to provide you with the best service, we can’t guarantee their behaviour and performance. 
  1. We want to make the deposit and withdrawal process as fast as possible. In the worst case, we promise to always process your deposits within two business days, and your withdrawals within five business days. 

If you do not agree with the amended Terms and Conditions, we’ll have to ask you to stop using the services provided by BOTS and withdraw your funds. If you take no action and continue with the use of the App,  it will be regarded as an agreement and the adjustments will be made automatically. 

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