The 7 most frequently asked questions about the BOTS app
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The 7 most frequently asked questions about the BOTS app
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July 8, 2021

The 7 most frequently asked questions about the BOTS app

Investing with BOTS is easy. Anyone can do it. But, to help you get started, we'll answer the 7 most frequently asked questions about BOTS.

What is the BOTS app exactly?

The BOTS app is an open platform on which expert developers offer trading algorithms, called bots, for you to use. These bots do the investing on your behalf. They make their choices based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms. So in short: bots are automated trading strategies that allow you to invest, without spending too much time and energy in doing so. Making trading available for everyone.

What a way to turn the world of investing upside down, huh?

How can I start investing with BOTS?

Starting investing with BOTS is easy. You only need two minutes to create an account. Once you have created and verified your account, you can have a look at the bots available and, most importantly, their results are. Pick the bot you want to start your investment journey with, and transfer funds to your wallet. You can start with as little as €50!

What about my data?

Because BOTS is part of the financial market, we have to follow strict rules set by the government. This includes rules regarding the privacy and safety of your data. Apart from the fact that we have to adhere to the law, data integrity is of paramount importance to us. With the help of experts in the field of data security and integrity, we have built a platform that meets all security requirements.

How do you make money?

Every company has to make money, and so do we. A percentage of 0.002 of your investment per bot will go to us. And by us, we also mean the bot developer. Fair and transparent. There will be another small contribution to top this, depending on the exchange on which your bot trades.

Why can I only invest in cryptocurrency?

In terms of investing, BOTS currently focuses on the cryptocurrency exchange. The perfect place to further develop the BOTS app and platform. Not too far in the future, we will add the option of investing in shares, bonds and investment funds.

Is trading with algorithms free of risk?

There is no such thing as risk-free investing. You can always lose (part of) your investment. That said, bots invest smarter than humans. As a result, the ratio between risk and return is better. By investing with the help of multiple bots, you spread the risk even more. Unfortunately, we cannot give you any guarantees. We do always test new bots for at least 30 days in a certain exchange before we make them available to the public in the app.

In addition, we give all our bots a risk level. This risk level varies from 1 (low risk) to 12 (high risk). This level of risk is determined by the past performance of that particular strategy in a particular market.

What makes BOTS different from other investment apps?

We know that there are plenty of investment apps out there. Still, BOTS offers something absolutely unique. While you invest through an intermediary such as a bank or trader in most apps, BOTS is a platform where you only trade with algorithms.

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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