The BOTS app reviews: Edward
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The BOTS app reviews: Edward
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August 5, 2021

The BOTS app reviews: Edward

To grow and pursue our goals, we need to have a strong community of users, developers, and colleagues. Today we give the floor to a user of the app: Edward. One of the many users will tell us something about their experiences with the BOTS app!


“My love for crypto is enormous,” says Edward, “mainly because I dislike banks and their advice, which ultimately benefits them themselves. That’s why I’m a huge fan of the BOTS app.”

Edward approaches us with great enthusiasm that we would like to know more about, so we scheduled an appointment.

“Crypto has an independence that ‘ordinary money’ doesn’t have and never will. And that is why I once started trading myself. But yes, of course, it takes a lot of time.” Edward is, therefore, not unfamiliar with trading cryptocurrencies. “I even set my alarm for it at night,” he laughs, “it just takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. That was at the expense of my night’s sleep.”

Edward & BOTS

Around March / April this year, Edward came across an advertisement for BOTS. He signs up for one of the first roadshows and is immediately enthusiastic.

“Especially the degree of openness and transparency appealed to me, and still appeals to me.” In addition to using the BOTS app, Edward also decides to become a certificate holder. “When I became a certificate holder, BOTS was still in its infancy. The steps that have been taken in the meantime give me, as a user and as a certificate holder, a lot of confidence in the future.” Edward also believes that the future approval of the DNB will give the growth of BOTS a substantial boost. “That will give so much confidence, that can only lead to more growth,” he says.

Edward currently has nine bots running in the BOTS app. “Every month, I contribute to a running bot, or I choose a new bot. And in this way, my net worth is constantly increasing a little.”

What Edward likes the most is the simplicity of the app. “Trading is not easy, but the BOTS app manages to make this complex process extremely simple. I was even able to explain it to my parents (aged 78 and 81), and they understood all of it.”

The approachability of the bot creators is also greatly appreciated by Edward. And while he knows that a real chef won’t release his recipe for success, he would like to learn more about specific methods the bots use to trade. “I know they are not going to explain the algorithm to me, but I am curious about which indicators are traded on.” And Edward’s most fervent wish is that the bots will soon be able to go for short term trades as well. “But I read on Discord that more people have that wish.”

The future of BOTS

When asked about the future of BOTS, Edward looks rosy. “Algorithmic trading is the future,” he explains. “I still trade myself, apart from the BOTS app, but the biggest danger remains to keep your emotions in check. You need an iron discipline, something I don’t always have.” He remains silent for a moment as he continues: “If you think you’ve won with manual trading, you’ve lost again. That’s why the BOTS app is such a solution.”

Since Edward started using the BOTS app, he decreased the time he spent on manual trading. “And that mainly has to do with the return. At the moment I have a return of 40%. But another great advantage of the BOTS app is the tranquillity it creates. You can never find this peace of mind if you keep trading manually.”

According to Edward, the most important thing is that reliability remains high in the future of BOTS. “BOTS is not some vague company abroad but is an open and transparent company. Right here, in the Netherlands. That is one of the strengths of BOTS. And it should stay that way.”

When asked whether Edward, as an experienced crypto trader, will continue to trade with BOTS if we start offering shares via the app, he is pretty straightforward: “Yes, of course, it would be best if bots could approach all markets via a bot. So that a bot will get the very best return for you.”

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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