The BOTS app reviews: Patrick
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The BOTS app reviews: Patrick
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August 5, 2021

The BOTS app reviews: Patrick

To grow and pursue our goals, we need to have a strong community. A community of users, developers and colleagues. Today we give the floor to a user of the app: Patrick. One of the many users who will tell us a little something about their experiences with BOTS app!

I’ve got a good story to share

“I don’t think anyone knows this story, but it’s a good one.” Patrick, a 23-year-old BOTS app user from Rotterdam, immediately starts laughing when he tells us a little something about his trading experience.

About 8 years ago, Patrick decided that he wanted to start trading with crypto. He emptied his savings account and put some of his income aside for his investments: “You have to imagine that I was still a minor at the time and actually nobody was doing anything with crypto at that moment. So it was a pretty daring move.”

Patrick buys some Bitcoin. “It was still quite difficult to get Bitcoin back then, so I wrote all the codes I got on a note.” Patrick hid the note with his codes in a hole in a hollow wall. And it stayed there for quite some time. “Fair is fair. I just forgot about it,” says Patrick, “I was very busy studying and working. Just building a life. I never thought about that piece of paper again.”

Until one day in 2017 when he decided to demolish the wall to enlarge his bedroom, and the note reappeared. Bitcoin was at $16,500 at the time. “So I immediately sold everything, obviously.”

He stays quiet for a while until he continues: “And there you are: twenty years old with over €125,000 in your account. Incredible, isn’t it?”

‍Patrick & BOTS

Patrick traded here and there in recent years, with varying degrees of success: both in terms of efficiency and in terms of user experience. He first saw BOTS on television a month and a half ago and decided to download the app. Patrick is excited. “This app is really new of its kind. There is no app that allows you to trade this way”, explains Patrick enthusiastically.

At this moment, Patrick has invested in three different bots. When we ask about his favourite bot, he has to think for a moment. “Yeah, Joe DareDevil, I think. It turns out to be a very stable bot with soft declines and some solid rises.” When Patrick quickly checks the BOTS app, we immediately hear that the bot has risen 4.5%. “In one day,” Patrick laughs, “that’s great!”

Patrick is active within the BOTS community as well: especially on Discord. “Discord is completely new to me, but I think it’s excellent that these kinds of channels exist. It really creates a space to build a community.”

So far, only enthusiasm from Patrick. Or perhaps… “Well, there are also some things that can be improved.” he indicates. “And I see that reflected on the Discord channels.” Of course, we would like to hear some examples from Patrick. Patrick has prepared well and immediately shares his own list of points for improvement for the app. “You can handle that, right?” he laughs.

The constructive feedback from Patrick shows that we should communicate even better on a number of fronts. “I already have some knowledge of trading, but not everyone has this knowledge. Why a graph, for example, can remain flat for a long time, isn’t clear to someone without experience. I see that question pop up on a regular basis on Discord.”

There are a number of points that Patrick brings up that show that we could be even more transparent about the trading itself. “The app itself is great,” says Patrick, “there’s really nothing wrong with it. Super user-friendly. However, at times, it lacks some substantive background information. And that really is a pity.” Patrick even came with some suggestions for us to work with. He is happy to help us improve the BOTS app experiences even further.

“The fact that you now get a tour as a new user is great. But I would like to be able to follow the same tour again after that first round, for more explanation. And a very important one for me is the constant availability of the support team. The content this team offers is top-notch, Merlijn and Daan are really super helpful in the support channel. It would be nice if support was more accessible. Such as during the weekend, in the evenings and of course in emergencies.”

The future of BOTS

While talking, a lot of positive points come up — as do some areas where we could improve. We ask Patrick if he is willing to share his list of points for improvement with us. “Of course, because that’s what we’re here for, I think.”

When we ask about the future of BOTS, Patrick laughs a little.

“If you implement everything on my list, I predict a great future for BOTS. But in all seriousness, I think BOTS can become huge.” Patrick sounds convinced. He especially likes the fact that BOTS has such a strong community in which constructive criticism is appreciated. “And it’s nice to see that the things we ask for are actually being built and implemented. That our feedback doesn’t just disappear in a big digital bin.”

Patrick feels valued as a user. “The fact that we as users are so involved in the improvements is really exceptional. And that’s also how you will connect with your users.” Patrick also wants to add that it is quite exceptional that, despite the sometimes critical feedback from the community, the trust in BOTS is enormous.

“That really says something about your way of working. I rarely, if ever, see this at other companies.”

Finally, we want to know whether Patrick is going to expand those three bots. “I’ve been using the BOTS app for a little over a month now. If the bots continue to develop like this, just like the app, I will definitely expand. It would be nice if I could come up with such a good story again, right? Then I will definitely come back and tell you about my BOTS app experiences.”

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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