The BOTS app reviews: Robin
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The BOTS app reviews: Robin
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August 12, 2021

The BOTS app reviews: Robin

Each BOTS app user has their reasons for investing through the app. But what are these reasons? What motivates them to trade with BOTS? Well: let's ask them! Today it's Robin's turn - who wants to make an extraordinary trip ten years from now.


“Ten years still takes a while, but I do assume that I will have made more returns by then than just for that one special trip.” According to Robin, it will not be a matter of trust in the market and the BOTS app — there’s more to it.

Although he’s only 25 years young, he already has a financial plan. “My profession won’t make me rich; it’s that simple. But because I do love my profession, I will have to find another way to generate extra income.”

Robin is a nurse on a hospital ward. He works in elderly medicine, geriatrics. Between March and May, he also worked in the Corona department. That was a challenging period. And although the pressure remains high, Robin still enjoys going to work every day.

Robin and the BOTS app

“Of course, at times, you talk about money when you speak with colleagues. It’s no longer an off-limit topic. And my colleague Bas, who you have already spoken to, showed me the BOTS app.”

This is how Robin gets acquainted with the BOTS app for the first time. And he got enthusiastic right away. “I got an inheritance not long ago, and I used a small part of that to start my investment journey with.” The first results prompted Robin to get started with a proper strategy. “And now I deposit the same amount in the BOTS app every month. And I will do be doing the same for the following ten years.”

With this strategy, investing periodically and not trading further, Robin assumes that he benefits the most from the functioning of the bots in the BOTS app. “Of course, I still look at the app too often, and at those moments, I notice my emotions getting the better of me. So I quickly turn off the app and let the bots do their work.” Robin also disabled the graphs in the BOTS app. “They sort of invite you to use your emotion, while you should just check the app once a month and then get on with your life. The rest of the time, you should just let the app be.”

And that’s the golden rule in the BOTS group that includes both Robin and Bas. Stay put, and don’t do anything! “It’s nice to be involved in this way. You learn a lot from it. We now have seven BOTS users in this group, and I don’t even know everyone personally. So, whatever we share, is done completely based on trust. I think that’s a good starting point.”

Robin’s BOTS goals

Since he started with the BOTS app, Robin has achieved a return of 39%. “That’s a wonderful result, and if I calculate that into my strategy, I should have a capital of €100,000 in ten years. I think I can make that trip out of that budget.”

And that trip should go to Australia and Asia. A long-cherished wish of both Robin and his girlfriend. With, if given to them, their future children. “I would love to do this with my kids, but at an age at which when they see an elephant, they understand that they see an elephant. Otherwise, I might as well take them to the zoo.”

But according to his strategy, will he, in ten years, have enough for such an incredible journey? “Yes, of course, but when that moment comes I will just withdraw money for that trip, and leave the rest. Why should I withdraw it all? I probably don’t need it immediately and can let it grow even further. This way it’s not a nest egg, but an entire orchard.”

Did Robin also think about another scenario? Namely, that it is not worth €100,000 in ten years? “Of course,” Robin laughs, “it doesn’t matter at all if it doesn’t reach €100,000. Anything between €10,000 and €100,000 is pure profit. If I put an amount into my savings account every month, it doesn’t suddenly increase in value. It’s only going to be worth less than it was. In addition, I have faith in the market and the bots on the BOTS app.”

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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