The BOTS app reviews: Shantie
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The BOTS app reviews: Shantie
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August 5, 2021

The BOTS app reviews: Shantie

To grow and pursue our goals, we need to have a strong community of users, developers, and colleagues. Today we give the floor to a user of the app: Shantie. One of the many users will tell us something about their experiences with the BOTS app!


We regularly see the same woman asking sensible questions within the BOTS Discord community, so we took the plunge and asked her if we could interview her. As there aren’t that many women present on Discord, we didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Yes, it’s a shame there are so few active women here,” laughs Shantie. “That may change soon. Investing is no longer just for men in suits!” Shantie is forty years old and a single mother of a ten-year-old daughter who lives in Amsterdam and has a full-time managerial job in the communications industry. “That’s why the podcast with Niels was a nice look behind the scenes for me. Nice to see how you approach this as a company.”

Shantie had no trading experience before starting the BOTS app, and she hopes that more women will become interested in the app and in trading itself. “I started this because I want to provide my daughter with a carefree life. In the future, for example, I want to pay for her driver’s licence, ensure that she can study or contribute to buying a house. By immersing myself in trading and by using the BOTS app, this may come within reach.”

Shantie & BOTS

It was the beginning of May 2020 when Shantie saw the first BOTS commercial on television, and she decided to download the app right away. “The graphic design is great. Very appealing. Even my daughter thinks it looks cool.” And so, Shantie starts investing for the first time. “Now that the interest on savings is 0%, I want to build capital differently. And hopefully, BOTS will help me do so.”

Shantie has so much confidence in BOTS that she also decides to become a certificate holder herself. She laughs: “I have a set for myself and am about to buy another set in my daughter’s name. This form of investing will only increase in the future. And so is the company behind it. I hope to one day sell my certificates for a nice number!”

So really, just enthusiasm? “Well, no. There are a few things that I think could be done better. But overall, I am a BOTS fan.” Shantie appears to have prepared our conversation well because she has noted several things that she would like to tell us about her BOTS app experiences.

For example, she finds starting with the BOTS app super simple. “I had never traded before, but I was able to get to grips with it fairly quickly,” says Shantie, “and it is precisely the users in that phase that have a very high level of involvement. Perhaps you could involve these novices more in the development of the app. The longer you use the app, the less your engagement becomes.” She smiles again. “I no longer check the app every hour to see if I am a millionaire already. But the people that still do could give you tons of feedback. Give them a call and see what they think is going well and what could be done better.”

The BOTS app is made to let bots trade for you, so you don’t need to have any knowledge of them yourself. “That’s exactly what appealed to me,” says Shantie, “but also where I got stuck. If you want to understand it, it gets complex. Because not everything in the app itself is explanatory, that’s also an area for improvement. The information on Discord helps, but the multitude of opinions is also confusing at times. The bottom line is: the app is made to do the work for you, and since I look at it that way myself, it’s easier to leave it alone.”

Shantie has several things that she would like to see different. “These are growing problems; I realize that. Because the basic set-up of the app is fantastic, and I am satisfied with how things are going.” When we ask Shantie about her favourite bot, she says, “I don’t have a favourite bot, to be honest. I find them all interesting; I’m mainly just a fan of the BOTS phenomenon.” It stays quiet for a while. “Although in the beginning, I still missed some diversity with the bots. Ultimately, you want everyone to feel represented. To persuade women, female bots are also needed. So bring on those new graphic designs!”

The future of BOTS

What makes a big difference in respect to other investment parties is the visibility of the young founders of BOTS by RevenYOU. “I know who is at the helm with you, and through the podcasts, among other things, I also get a good idea of ​​their mindsets. This is definitely of added value for me.”

The world of investing turns out to be less inaccessible than Shantie initially thought. “Yes, correct. I also hope it stays that way. It’s precisely the sympathetic character of BOTS that is very distinctive and the strength of the company. It eventually won me over and ensures that I will continue to use the app.”

Shantie has a good feeling about the future of BOTS. “I like the consensus. We may not be there yet, but we are going for it. As a company, as bot makers, as users. Together.” The support department also gets a big shout-out from Shantie. “Not everything can be solved immediately, and that can cause frustration. But you see that someone is working on it and that you are kept informed. That gives me a lot of confidence for the future. BOTS is getting huge. In any case, I am delighted with my BOTS app experiences.”

There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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