The BOTS Broadcast #2 | New Year, New Goals
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The BOTS Broadcast #2 | New Year, New Goals
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February 14, 2022

The BOTS Broadcast #2 | New Year, New Goals

The first month of the year has passed! With any new beginning comes new challenges, new work to be done, new team members joining, new goals and much more. This January was no different, as our team got to work on further developing long awaited features, implementing new and improved processes, and of course fixing minor bugs.

We debuted this Broadcast in January as a way to explain what we worked on over the past year, and answer questions our users have. From now on we’ll use it as a monthly update to bring you up to speed on what we’ve done over the past month. 

Regarding the developments of the app during the month of January… We launched the Multicurrency view within the app, a new ROI toggle feature, updated bugs and language fixes as well as implemented new ways of analysing data! Read on to find out what these features are and why we think they’re important. 

Multicurrency view

Improving our app while expanding is always the number one priority of our team. A much-requested feature that we’ve added was what we call “multicurrency”: our users can now choose the currency they want to display in the app. Just open the settings page in the app and then select your preferred currency: from Dollars, to Euros and Pounds... You name it!

ROI toggle

The ROI toggle is a research tool that allows users to sort the bots by the Return On Investment (ROI) they achieved last week, last month, or over their entire lifetime. This gives you a very accurate new way to compare our bots, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision!

Language flow improved

The way we communicate with our users also impacts the way we perform. Our app team is always hard at work to align as much of our messaging as possible with the language the user chooses to display within the app. With the latest update they’ve made sure that the pop up notifications and messages users receive will be in the selected language of their choice. 

As for this month’s plans and projects, we can only tell you to stay tuned… a very exciting and highly requested feature / update is being worked on!

Q: When will stock trading be available in the app? 

A: As previously mentioned, our team is always working to not only improve the app but launch new features… Regarding this we can only tell our users to stay tuned, this year we’ll have a lot of exciting new improvements coming.

Q: Some BOTS have reached their limit, is it possible to get notified?

A: We’re currently working on a community love program that all our users will be able to join and that will give you the possibility to set a notification for this. Keep an eye on our channels!

Q: Is there a referral program coming soon?

A: You, our community, are the core of our app. You’re the ones who made us what we are and what helps us reach further. So we’re currently implementing a referral program that is going to be released very soon and we believe our users will truly take advantage of.

Q: When will you be available in the Latvia region?

A: We’re currently present in more than 30 countries and our team is always working towards expanding the app to more countries, including Latvia. Sadly, we can’t communicate exact dates or expansion plans due to legal reasons. Keep an eye out on our social media channels and these monthly blog posts for official announcements on expansion.

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