The BOTS Broadcast #3 | Spring is coming, and so are many new developments!
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The BOTS Broadcast #3 | Spring is coming, and so are many new developments!
Bots News
March 14, 2022

The BOTS Broadcast #3 | Spring is coming, and so are many new developments!

As the shortest month of the year passed, we couldn’t say the same things for the tasks of our app team. As always, they have been very busy to ensure that the most important improvements are on track. Like every month, here’s your update on the latest releases and improvements.

One of the issues our team fixed in February was that users outside of the Netherlands sometimes received their payments confirmations in Dutch. This has been taken care of and shouldn’t happen anymore! A new type of bot was launched as we released two new gold trading bots. And lastly, we made a bot for Ukraine! Discover all of these updates in detail below.

Payment confirmation update to the users language

This was an issue our team had been having with the integration of Sometimes, when the user received an email to confirm a payment, the email would show up in Dutch instead of the user’s preferred language. This has been fixed and we now have a smooth payment process for our community outside of The Netherlands.

New gold trading bots

One of the most asked questions is: when are we getting different assets to trade on the app? Well, we heard you and we launched our first bots that trade gold assets. A traditional bet for investors in uncertain times, gold historically holds up better than risk assets like crypto. Search for Real Gold Bot and Gold Bitcoin Bot in the BOTS app!

Ukrainian BOT 

The heartbreaking situation in Ukraine is affecting all of us at BOTS and we had to do something! With the help of bot creator Laika we’ve added a Ukraine bot that any user can fund and use. The profits we make from transaction fees on this bot will go directly to the Ukraine BTC wallet to support the humanitarian effort.

Coming soon

As for current projects our team has been working on, the very much awaited Referral feature is currently being tested (we have big news coming up). Also, for our community we’re currently preparing a full program of rewards that will be announced on Discord very soon… Stay tuned!

Q: When will you add a good overview analysis of the BOTS?  

A: In the past month, we added the possibility to have a ROI analysis of lifetime, monthly & weekly results in our platform. Try it out and let us know if you have any feedback!

Q: When will it be possible to do a partial withdrawal from a BOT?

A: Stay tuned for the rest of the year's developments… This one is on our agenda!

Q: Are you planning on doing something to help Ukraine?

A: Last week we launched the Ukraine bot with the help of bot creator Laika, where all the transaction profits will go to Ukraine’s BTC wallet.

Q: Is there a roadmap for 2022?

A: We recently changed our approach and the way we communicate with our community. We want to be more transparent with our promises, and a road map remains one way of doing things in the future. However, as a young company in a growing sector, we can’t show all of our cards all of the time and need to strike a careful balance. That being said, we will of course be announcing projects as time goes by through this blog series and social media communication.

Q: Where can I find more information on how to become a bot creator?

A: If you want to become a bot creator and make your trading algorithm reach more people, the best would be to check our page ( and contact the BOTS creators team directly.

Q:  Now BOTS offers Paxos gold, is the platform going to offer more equity’s in the near future? Such as silver, oil, real estate or even commodities?

A: We have a lot of updates and goals our app team is currently working on for this year. The only thing we can say is stay tuned…

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