The BOTS Broadcast #4 | A glimpse into all that's new
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The BOTS Broadcast #4 | A glimpse into all that's new
Bots News
May 31, 2022

The BOTS Broadcast #4 | A glimpse into all that's new

The BOTS Broadcast is back and we can say that this month has felt like a year… With one of the most requested and awaited features, from internal testing to fixing bugs and releasing new versions, it’s definitely been a very busy May. But… referral codes are here!


Now you’ll be able to refer friends, family and earn bonuses for everyone who signs up. Give 10€ and get 10€ is our motto! There are no limits, so the more the merrier. You can find your referral link in our app menu and share it through WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail or whichever method you prefer!

Find out more: The BOTS Referral Program

Start investing with 5€

Yes, you read that right… our lower limit is not 50€ anymore. Now you can start a bot with just 5€! We want everyone to have access to a second income and that means that we have to decrease the threshold to invest with BOTS. With this new possibility and the referral feature, anyone can start generating passive income almost immediately.

Love Program

We always want to give back to our community and as promised, we launched an exclusive Discord BOTS Love Program to reward users who are active members of our community. Prizes include in-app credit, BOTS merch and notifications when a full bot becomes available. Simply join our Discord community and keep the conversation going… You can even get a chance to win an NFT or to join our founders for a fancy dinner!

Follow us on Social Media

Are you a BOTS user and still don’t follow us on social media? Stay up to date by clicking on the newly added links (in the app menu) to our social media. From Discord, to TikTok, now you can follow us directly from the app and check updates on what we are doing. 

What is coming? 

Our app team is definitely one of the most dedicated ones… And as always, we have several ideas being implemented right now: for future developments you can expect an easier payment flow (improvement on UI so you can choose the best option for you). Also, we are relentlessly working to improve our payment integrations so every country has an outstanding experience (no matter where you are). And to improve our user communication you will now not only be able to check the release updates on this blog post, but also directly inside the app with a brand new release notes feature. 

Furthermore, this month we’re releasing v3.0.0! This release contains a number of important steps that will make BOTS better for you. We want to give you more insight into what your bots are doing: that’s why we’re building Portfolio 2.0, which will give you more tools to measure performance and allow you to go through historical data and activity history. A risk analysis screen will also be added that shows you your overall risk level. 

Questions from the community

Q: When is the Referral going live? 

A: As you can see it’s officially live! You can now refer as many friends and family as you wish… 

Q: Could you share more about the NFT project?

A: We’re still working hard on it and will be releasing a roadmap in the near future. Right now we can only tell you that it’s going to be an amazing project with several utilities, and that NFT owners will get access to different types of benefits connected to BOTS. Keep an eye on our social channels for more information! 

Q: Is there a limit to go in and out of a bot? Sometimes with a portfolio bot it’s nice to exit and enter at certain times!

A: There is no limit! But keep in mind that all of our bots have a market cap and they can reach their funding limit. So you might encounter that some have filled up after you exited. 

Q: I tried to pay several times but couldn’t. When are these issues going to be fixed? 

A: The best thing to do in these cases is to contact our Customer Success team by sending an email to or call +36 17 01 00 47. We are constantly trying to improve our payment methods across all of the 30+ countries we are currently present in. 

Q: With all the uncertainty on the Crypto market, I know that bots have been looking for alternative markets. What is the latest on that?

A: We are always looking into ways to offer more products to our clients, and we recently enabled trading bots that trade in gold. More options will be added over the coming months as we navigate some inevitable hurdles, both technical and legislative. 

Q: Is it true that you want to cryptify other assets like currencies and stocks. Can you give an update about this? 

A: We don’t have any new information on this, except that we’re looking into many different products. At this time, we’re not ready to communicate release dates or deadlines. 

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