These are the hottest online stock trends in 2021
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These are the hottest online stock trends in 2021
Market Insights
July 7, 2021

These are the hottest online stock trends in 2021

Are you ready to invest some of your savings in stocks? Good on you. But choosing where to invest might be a bit tricky. You might have no idea how much is possible (which I can totally appreciate) or where the stock markets may go later this and the following year. So to make it a bit easier, I’ve called some experts in the field to ask them their opinion on the hottest online stock trends in 2021.

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The online stock trends of 2021

It has been a crazy year so far, and the craziness just seems to continue in the stock market. So what is a wise investment to make, and what isn’t? Let’s have a look at the trends, shall we?

Trend one: the rise of the stock market

The stock market is very overstrained at the moment: there are loads of cash going around in it. Investment companies are running on mountains of cash and aren’t investing much of it. At the same time, the stock market is doing very well — which makes stocks more expensive than they’d usually be.

These trends result in some experts believing that it’s the worst time to buy stocks, as, in their opinion, the price of these shares will most likely drop. On the other hand, some experts believe it’s a great time to invest and that the stock markets will continue to rise, as they believe the governments will continue to print money.

Use the buy and hold strategy

Whichever expert you believe: they all agree on one thing. If you decide to invest, stick to the ‘buy and hold strategy’. This basically means you make a deal with yourself not to sell anything for an extended period: two years, for example. You check up on your shares every so often to see if the value has increased or if you should hold on to them a bit longer.

Trend two: trading apps

As we can do pretty much anything on our phones, people have shown an increased interest in trading apps. These apps have become increasingly user-friendly, providing users with guidance along their investment journey. No wonder there are so many apps out there. Think of apps like BUX Zero that allows you to invest in shares and ETF’s yourself, the Dutch start-up Pennywise that enables you to save for your pension through index funds, or of course: the BOTS app, where you can invest in cryptocurrencies through algorithms — called bots!

Trend three: cryptocurrency

While the exact trend isn’t entirely clear, as it’s near impossible to predict the cryptocurrency market’s future (who knows what Bitcoin might be worth five years from now!), the popularity of investing in cryptocurrency continues to increase. Most of the experts do have positive expectations, though. They believe cryptocurrency is slowly maturing and that cryptocurrencies will rise in value.

So there we have it: the hottest online stock trends of 2021 so far!

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