These are the hottest trading apps in 2021
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These are the hottest trading apps in 2021
Market Insights
June 30, 2021

These are the hottest trading apps in 2021

I'm Simon, a comedian and so-called crypto hobbyist. And just like you, I'm learning about trading as I go. In these videos, I do my very best to tell you as much as I can about trading apps, cryptocurrency, starting with trading, and much, much more.

So you’re ready about investing some of your savings in an investment app. Good on you! But with so many apps available, you can easily get a bit overwhelmed. So which trading app is the best? Let’s have a look at the hottest stock market trading apps out there and help you pick the one that is best for you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the story!

The most popular trading apps

I researched the most popular trading apps on the market, and I noticed that there are often massive differences between the apps regarding how they approach trading shares. These differences directly affect the money we can earn using these apps. So let’s dig in a little deeper, shall we?

Some of the most interesting and popular apps are eToro, Plus500, RobinHood and Trading 212. These apps all have in common that they allow you to buy shares from well-known companies and invest in cryptocurrencies or, in some situations, raw materials such as bonds. All these apps are slickly presented and come with a user-friendly interface — they clearly spend a lot of money on digital marketing… This is precisely why they’re so well-known amongst novices as well as experienced traders.

Trading without any knowledge

But they come with downsides as well. Even though they are available to everyone, they can be quite complex for those new to trading. Not only are they complex, but the complexity also requires that you have both time and energy available — something not all people have.

The risk of trading with apps that often seem more suited for experienced traders is that you can quite easily lose part of all of your investment. Where professional traders often rely on algorithms to make the right choices, novices such as yours truly don’t have the time or energy to keep an eye on all these things.

So what do you do instead?

Using automated trading to make a passive income

You guessed it: you use the BOTS app. The BOTS app makes investing and trading possible for everyone: whether you have or don’t have any time, experience, funds, energy — and so on. How? As you probably know by now, BOTS uses intelligent algorithms called bots to do the trading for you, a completely new strategy that will change the world of investments forever.

These algorithms are designed by professional traders and skilled developers and use machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict trends in the market and know exactly when to buy, sell or hold. As bots don’t feel emotions like we do (or not yet, at least), they can make decisions free of the kind of mental stress and self-doubt that humans are faced with every single day. Do keep in mind that BOTS currently only trades in cryptocurrency. New developments for trades in other securities are on the way, though!

Would you like to learn more about the BOTS app or get some more trading in cryptocurrency tips? Just continue reading below.

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There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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