Weekly Stars & Monthly Heroes
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Weekly Stars & Monthly Heroes
June 11, 2021

Weekly Stars & Monthly Heroes

The bots in the BOTS app are designed to do the trading for you. But as you can see, there are several categories of trading bots, each with its own trading strategy. This article will introduce two categories: Weekly Stars & Monthly Heroes.

Weekly Stars

Looking for a well performing bot that isn’t full? We are proud to announce the Weekly Stars category.

Every Sunday evening we check to see which bot performed the best over the last week. This performance is measured by the highest return on investment. And the great part? This process is fully automated and the bots that are full are excluded from this category.

In this way, you can easily see which bots did well last week so you can start your own.

Monthly Heroes

Our Monthly Heroes category gives you a great overview of the bots that had the best return on investment over the last month.

Every last day of the month we look back and check which bots performed the best on a monthly basis. Like the Weekly Stars this is an automated process that excludes the bots thare full.

So if you are looking for the best monthly results, this is the category to keep an eye on.

Start your Weekly Star of Monthly Hero here

About BOTS

BOTS is a tech company that has developed an app that makes it possible for anyone to invest from €50. BOTS uses automated trading strategies so you can invest in cryptocurrency quickly and even without knowledge. Previously, these strategies were only accessible to the richest 3% of the world. BOTS now makes automated investing accessible to everyone. In 2021, it will also be possible to invest in stocks and other currencies through BOTS. The app is free to download and quick and easy to install. BOTS currently operates in more than 15 countries and by the end of the year, BOTS wants to be active in at least 60 countries and 4 continents.

Need any help with anything?

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On the BOTS YouTube channel you can find other instructional videos that may help you further. You are also welcome on the Discord channel of BOTS.

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There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your stake.

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