Welcome at BOTS GOLD!
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Welcome at BOTS GOLD!
May 10, 2021

Welcome at BOTS GOLD!

Dear BOTS GOLD user,

Thank you for your confidence shown in BOTS. You deposited more than €10,000 in the BOTS app and therefore we would like to welcome you to the BOTS GOLD community.

BOTS GOLD was set up by BOTS to help people, who wish to invest more than €10,000 in the BOTS app, to feel more comfortable with the platform and to ensure that people get to know the bots better.

What can you expect from BOTS GOLD?

As GOLD member you will get:  

  • short lines of communication with our BOTS GOLD team;
  • alerts when new bots arrive on the platform or when additional volume is made available on a bot;
  • performance updates of the bots and, of course, the bot builders' background;
  • general information about the market and various coins.

And more benefits will be added in the future!


If you are planning to invest more in bots and have questions about this, you can always schedule a 15 minute appointment with the BOTS GOLD team. You can schedule your meeting here.

Any more questions?

Should you have any other questions, please contact our support department, they are happy to assist you. You can contact them directly or take a look at our Discord channel.

"Golden" regards,

Hendrik te Grotenhuis


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