September 14, 2020

What our community has to say: Marco

When it comes to growing and pursuing their goals, one of the most important factors for BOTS by RevenYOU is having a strong community. A community of users, developers and colleagues. Today we are giving the floor to a user of the BOTS app: Marco

What our community has to say: Marco
What our community has to say: Marco


When we asked Marco if he was willing to participate in an interview on our website, his response was immediate enthusiasm. “Great, I think have a few things here or there that I can tell you,” he said. Marco is 46 years old and comes from the Dutch town of Papendrecht. He is married, and apart from his work as an operator, he enjoys spending time on his two hobbies: gaming and motorsports. “And I don’t mean Formula 1,” said Marco, “I actually find that a bit boring.”

Marco is also no stranger to trading. He invests in dividend shares through DEGIRO. “And that pot is getting sweeter very quickly, to be honest.” Marco also invested in crowdfunding for a time, but he stopped due to the fluctuating returns. “And then I went into the world of crypto,” laughed Marco, “It seemed to me that you could make money faster with this than with dividend shares.”

Buying coins in itself was a great success. “Yeah, well, but then. Then you really get a mountain of information that can scare you off. It really was too much information for me.” The difference between the so-called experts was so vast that Marco was no longer able to make heads or tails of it.

“And that was the moment I saw a BOTS advertisement come by on Facebook. I think it’s fair to say that I was initially quite sceptical.” Marco decided to do some research anyway, and his scepticism soon gave way to enthusiasm. “So I downloaded the app and started my first bot. That’s how fast it can go.”

Marco & BOTS

Marco’s very first bot was The Power of Pi. This is still one of Marco’s favourite bots. In the meantime, he has started 19 bots. “I didn’t start off with huge sums of money at first, because I was mainly waiting for the chance to make a deposit on a bot. And now that’s possible. That was a feature I was really looking forward to having.” When trading, Marco carefully considers every choice he makes. In his opinion, the major advantage is that all the information he previously encountered is now organised by the app. “It’s wonderful,” he said, “that means I don’t have to sort all that out for myself anymore.”

In Marco’s experience, the BOTS app is very user-friendly. Although he believes that the design still has some room for improvement: “I get a real ’80s vibe from this design. It doesn’t appeal to me very much. But, of course, you can’t argue about taste.” And although Marco thinks the app itself is super straightforward and easy to use, he still has a few great tips for us: “If you add an ‘i’ icon with more information at certain points, people won’t have to go to the FAQ’s on the website. The more you can do in the app itself, the better.” Marco stays silent for a moment. “And it probably also helps to avoid the same questions being asked on the Discord channels all the time.”

Marco can also be found on Discord a lot. For him, it’s a nice way to connect as a community. “I think the bot builders being there is a huge plus. I have learned so much from this. Amazing.” One way or the other, Marco is thoroughly satisfied with the BOTS community. Since everyone is together (BOTS, the bot builders and the users), things get solved quickly. He also enjoys the enormous level of helpfulness within the community at Discord. “Ultimately, we all want to head in the same direction, of course, but it is really nice to see how that happens together. Very special.”

Nevertheless, Marco still had a few points for improvement for us. For example, he suggested creating a separate Discord channel with all the FAQ’s. “Now, as users we are trying to help each other, but we don’t know everything, either. We could then refer to a channel like that.”

Another tip Marco gave us was a weekly update. “Sometimes we are truly sitting around waiting and checking to see if the update is there. Imagine if you were to do an update every Friday, even if only with minor bug fixes. As a user, that would give me a real feeling of trust. BOTS is working hard to improve the app.”

The future of BOTS

Marco is cautiously positive when we ask him about his expectations for the future. “Look, the concept is truly genius. The way you provide service completely exceeds the level of other companies and when I see the plans for the app and the possibilities, I can’t help but feel positive.”

So why the caution? “Well, sometimes I wonder if it isn’t growing too fast. There are still quite a few minor issues that need to be resolved. And then I get a little nervous when I see that there is such a rigid and fast schedule to expand to other countries. Maybe it should be made super stable here first.”

Finally, we ask Marco about the long-term future of BOTS. He had to chuckle about that. “It would be insane if there were ever to be a superbot that could switch between coins and shares. Anything to get the best return. Is that really too insane? Maybe Roy can build it (Roy Lenders of Boosting Alpha). I think that would be a really great idea.”

Trading is for everyone

Everyone should be able to trade. And now you can. With BOTS. Together, we are committed to making the world of trading fairer and more transparent. Interested, but your question hasn’t been answered yet? Then please have a look at the FAQ’s on our site. Or contact us, we will be happy to explain it to you in person.

The BOTS app is now live

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There is no such thing as risk-free trading. It is possible to lose (part of) your investment.