Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management for automated trading in multiple asset classes is the most advanced and innovative service from BOTS.

An investment committee of financial professionals work hand in hand with our account experts to create the perfect portfolio for you. We consider your risk tolerance, goals, and personal preferences when building your portfolio. This way, you achieve the best possible return with the help of a well-trained team.



In a Bear Market, also known as a prolonged downtrend, it is more important than ever to understand how Bots make choices. Understanding the underlying fundamental trading strategies of Bots makes the difference between: a well-balanced and profitable trading portfolio and an underperforming one.

To ensure that you are consistently matched with the best possible returns, we are proud to introduce:

Portfolio Management is the new and most effective way to have your assets managed by BOTS,
exclusive service for our Gold & Platinum members.
No more stress with choosing
In fact, we put an end to “choice stress” and offer a spectacular tailor-made service. In an unstable market, it is essential to know what is going on in the market and to be able to react quickly. We do this for you through portfolio management.
Only limited places are available
To guarantee the quality of this service, we are starting to manage only a certain amount of portfolios. We place emphasis on personal consultation and optimizing your returns.
• The minimum requirement to use this service is that your current portfolio represents a value of €20,000.
• We charge a yearly management fee for this service.

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