Brand promises

At BOTS, we’re on a mission to make algorithmic trading accessible to everyone. Together, we’re transforming the world of banking – and our community is growing fast. More people from around the world join our trading revolution every day!

We’re working hard to keep up with growing demand, and ensuring that everyone has access to a seamless, reliable experience.

When you choose to trade with BOTS, there are four reasons why you can trust us.

1. Your investments and data are safe – always

When you invest with BOTS, your investments are legally placed with Stichting BOTS Custodian, and stored safely. We’re ISO 27001 certified, the International Information Security Standard, and safely process your data according to ISO’s information security standards.

2. You can count on us, every day

If there is a bug, we’ll resolve the issue. If the bug leads to any lost assets, we’ll compensate you within two business days. And if a correct payment doesn’t go through within 48 hours of transfer, we’ll track the payment and start your bot within two business days.

3. We’re here to help whenever you need it

Although we’re called BOTS, we have actual humans available to support you. We’re here every business day to help with any questions or issues you might have. Just send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

4. It only gets better, with higher returns and lower risks

BOTS is becoming the go-to choice for smart investors, thanks to our use of AI and big data-driven strategies. Registering with BOTS is quick and easy. In 5 minutes, you can be up and running with your first bot. So sit back, relax and let BOTS do the trading for you.