Bots trade better than humans

Invest like a pro without being one.

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What do Bots offer?


Automated trading strategies

Bots are trading strategies that can do thousands of complex calculations in seconds and make trading decisions accordingly.


Free to explore and cheap to start

Monitor a bots performance for free or invest directly from €5.-


Easy access to professional returns

Our Bots make super fast trading choices to get the best results. Some can double your money in just weeks!


Custom Bot creation

Do you breath algorithms? Add your own Bot and earn money for letting others use it too!

Geautomatiseerde handelsstrategieën
Behaal professioneel rendement
Verkennen is gratis. Starten is goedkoop
Maak je eigen bots

BOTS is for beginners experts

It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of cryptocurrencies or if you are seasoned investor. Bots is made to be easy to understand without lacking in-depth information. Or quality.

If you were to invest yourself

Trading with BOTS

If you were to invest managed
High transaction costs
Super low transaction costs
Frequent stacking of costs
Returns depend on skill
Smarter return through A.I.
Moderate return
Very time-consuming
Everything is done by bots
Reasonably time-consuming
Invest from 250 euro
Invest from €5,-
Investing only with high amounts
Trying out is scarce and complex
Free access to all bots
Free trial not possible
10 day account verification
Create an account within 1 minute
10 day account verification
Ease of use

Bots trade better than humans

Bots; automated trading strategies, are the future of investing. The top of the investment world has been dealing with bots for a long time, now so can you.

Unlimited energy

Unlimited energy

Our bots are working for you 24/7 and never lose their focus. They are designed to make choices for you with the lowest possible risk and the highest possible return.

Create your own bots

Do you write your own trading algorithms and would you like to earn something extra with them? Connect your strategies with the Bots app and receive a bonus for every transaction of all other users.

Create your own bots

Investing with Bots is that simple

With BOTS, we make automated investing accessible to everyone. Create an account for free, choose a bot from our marketplace and get in directly from €5,-.

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