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Are you a programmer and you write your own trading algorithm? Connect your strategies to the BOTS app and earn money on every transaction made by those who have activated your bots.
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Create your own bots!
Connect the BOTS app to your own trading algorithm and earn a percentage on every transaction made on your bot, per user.
Stash Trading
Do you already have your own trading algorithm working on MetaTrader or other platforms? In that case, you can combine strategies and add those to the BOTS app with the help of our partner Stash Trading using their Trade manager bridge.
Connect through Stash Trading
Earn money
Boost your earning with BOTS

When someone funds the bot you made and it makes trades, you can earn up to 0.03% of the total funds that’s managed by your bot. This can make you money faster than you might expect! Also, remember that we offer rewards to the bots that perform the best.

Suppose your bot manages 800.000 assets and trades them 13 times a month.
You will earn €1,040 (€800.000 x 13 x 0.03%/3) just by this one bot you made.
The more assets your bot manages, the more money there is to be made.
If your bot manages 2 million assets and trades them 13 times a month.
That's €2.000.000 x 13 x 0.03% / 3 = €2,600 per month you will earn from this bot.

If your bot is in the best performing bots pool, you can add up to 11% of the total performance pool to that.

BOTS fee structure
Create a Bot in ten steps
Making a bot sounds harder than it is. With our 'Bot Creator Guide' you have in no time a working bot
and thousands of users can invest in your algorithms.
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