BOTS-ArtificaI Intelligence
Optimizing and balancing risk-return for the long term
As an investor, you are looking for an investment strategy that suits you the best. In the past, this was often not easy because the BOTS app has a large number of investment strategies available in which it is difficult to make the right choices that suit you as an investor. Also, forming an expectation pattern of the investment performance of the individual products was difficult given the limited information availability. Next to this customers missed the flexibility to automatically work with monthly deposits. 
The BOTS-AI strategy is an advanced approach aimed at optimizing and balancing three basic strategies: Market Neutral, Trading Bots and the Smart Index.
The goal of these strategies is:
The Market Neutral category
Includes strategies that aim to make small profits regardless of whether the market goes up or down. These strategies use innovative underlying strategies where the focus is on risk management. The market-neutral category has no exposure to underlying cryptocurrencies so the returns of this category do not reflect the performance of the markets. 
The Trading bots category 
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The Smart Index category
Within this category, an index of the largest and emerging cryptocurrencies with high long-term potential has been carefully compiled. At the time when markets experience sharp declines, the smart index aims to hold some of the funds in stable coins and open short positions with some of the funds. 

Each of the above categories benefits from the low cost structure with a focus on a balanced long-term risk-return ratio. 
BOTS-AI is available in three categories

BOTS-AI-Market Neutral

Has a preference for nice returns, with smaller fluctuations and risks in values

BOTS-AI-Trading bots

Prefers high returns, with spicy fluctuations and risks in the values

BOTS-AI-Smart Index

Prefers very high returns, with hefty fluctuations and risks in the values
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BOTS-AI-Market Neutral

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BOTS-AI-Smart Index

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