BOTS-ArtificaI Intelligence
AI Investing: Realistic Applications in Action
Since our founding in 2018, we have embraced AI head-on, not as a buzzword, but as a powerful tool at the heart of our approach. We use AI in ways that deliver tangible results, not just for us, but most importantly for our customers.
Optimization through Market Mimicry: With AI we accurately mimic market conditions, allowing us to test and adapt existing and new strategies in a range of changing financial scenarios.
AI-powered Strategy Production: Our platform technology enables investment strategy providers to develop and refine their strategies using AI. This not only drives innovation, but also increases the efficiency and accuracy of the strategies we offer.
Security as a Priority: Our AI encryption technology ensures that our data and platform are secure and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. Your trust is our priority, and this technology ensures the security of your investments and data.

Restrained and Progressive: We remain cautious and proactive when using artificial intelligence. We apply a strict policy whereby AI is never used for transactions between investments and banks, nor for processes where we are substantively accountable to supervisors such as DNB. This not only ensures the integrity of our work, but also your peace of mind as a customer.

At Bots Capital, we embrace AI as a real tool for progress, not as an empty promise. We aim to use AI to enrich and enhance your investment experience, with tangible results that speak for themselves.
BOTS-AI is available in three categories

BOTS-AI-Market Neutral

Has a preference for nice returns, with smaller fluctuations and risks in values

BOTS-AI-Trading bots

Prefers high returns, with spicy fluctuations and risks in the values

BOTS-AI-Smart Index

Prefers very high returns, with hefty fluctuations and risks in the values
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