Bot Creator Newsletter - January 2022
Bot Creator Community
Bot Creator Newsletter - January 2022
Bot Creator Community
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Bot Creator Newsletter - January 2022

Happy new year! Let’s toast to the new year and look forward to all the great things that will be happening in 2022.

Happy new year!

Let’s toast to the new year and look forward to all the great things that will be happening in 2022. It will be a big year for us all. The user interface will be ready, we will start with a bot creator referral program and we can inform you about a big step to ensure the growth of the BOTS app. Read on……

TradeManager is here

Big news: we are now able to offer a bridge between the BOTS app and MetaTrader. Stash has developed TradeManager and we are happy to announce our collaboration with them. TradeManager will not only offer a bridge for MetaTrader, but also for Jforex and Deribit. We already have one bot live in the app through this bridge. Who is next?

Learn more about TradeManager

A call for mean reversion strategies

With different market conditions different styles of strategies are popular with users. During the first and last Quarter of ‘21 the trending bots were by far the most popular due to the trending markets. However users still want to diversify their portfolio and not rely on single strategy types. One strategy type in high demand is mean reversion trading, as we have relatively few of these strategies on the platform we are eager to help you deploy and market these bots.

Contact Pedro


Besides the automated page for the release planning we are also working hard on creating a FAQ for bot creators. But we could use your help with this. Next week we will share some of the FAQ’s on the BOTS bot creator Discord server and your feedback (or new questions) are very much appreciated. Don’t forget to enlist to the server.

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