Bot Creator Newsletter - March 2022
Bot Creator Community
Bot Creator Newsletter - March 2022
Bot Creator Community
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Bot Creator Newsletter - March 2022

It has been one busy month for the bot creator team. Organized events, attended events, the merge of Discord and of course BOTSpedia.

It has been one busy month for the bot creator team. Not only did we organize our very first bot creator event in the Netherlands, we also attended the FIX trading event in London, hosted an informal get together for potential creators (also in London), we merged our Discord server and we introduced BOTSpedia to the world. Let’s get ready for April!

Our first bot creator event was a great success

On March 18th 2022 we hosted our very first bot creator meetup in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Nearly 50 bot creators attended and we are sure this was the first of many more successful events.

After the BOTS board welcomed all attendees and thanked them for all their hard work the BOTS marketing team shared a presentation on marketing opportunities for all bot creators including effective community management and the promise of creating a marketing toolbox that can be used by all creators. 

Since the bot creator team has expanded a lot, all members of the team were introduced to the attendees by Arthur, who also shared the future plans for BOTS after which the bot creator awards were handed out.

We concluded this informative afternoon with an informal dinner and the chance to talk to each other about the future of algorithmic trading. 

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During the bot creator event we introduced BOTSpedia! An inspiring knowledge base for current and aspiring bot creators. 

On BOTSpedia you can find all sorts of information on our own bot creator community, the BOTS onboarding process, quant trading, different assets and everything there is to know about trading.

BOTSpedia will continue to grow over the coming months and even years to the place to be if you want to know more about trading. Keep an eye out for some exciting content that we are producing as we speak. 

For example we are busy creating Trader Talk, a video interview series with professionals from the field, as well as a video series on the ins and outs of quant trading.

If you want to be featured in the BOTS community category on BOTSpedia, please reach out to us and we will make it happen.

Check out BOTSpedia

We are moving the bot creator Discord server

We took the step of merging the Bot Creators Server with the Bots User Server. 

Here, we made a channel called “Bots Bot Creators” with the following subchannels: BotsPedia, Bots-News, General-Creator-Talk and Support. This is dedicated entirely for you, Bot Creators.

In this channel everyone will be able to see the subchannels and also the messages which are being sent. However, only Bot Creators and Potential Bot Creators will be able to write in the General-Creator-Talk and Support subchannels.

In order to get the Bot Creator Permission in the Bots Server, please write one of the following members: BOTS-Riddhanand#3254 or BOTS-Cristian#2179 a direct message, asking for permission.

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The bot creator team went to London

Arthur, Pedro and Jesse were in London last week. Where they have attended the EMEA FIX trading event which is Europe’s largest electronic trading conference. 

Over there we got more insights and contacts in the traditional world of Finance.  Next to this our team organized a bot creator event with 15 potential bot creators to expand and diversify the trading strategies on the BOTS-app. 

We are happy to see that the people like our product and the ideas about how we can democratize the world of automatic trading!

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