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Bot creator spotlight: BEY Trading
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February 18, 2022

Bot creator spotlight: BEY Trading

Today, the spotlight is on bot-creator Baris: the man behind BEY Trading, which published Global 5, Global 10 and Ethereum 3 to the BOTS app; currently all in profit at around 40–60%.

Bot creator spotlight: BEY Trading

Where would the BOTS app be without our amazing bot creators? These superheroes are the minds and creators behind the bots in the BOTS app. But who are they, where are they from, what's their relationship with trading, and what's their philosophy?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Today, the spotlight is on bot-creator Baris: the man behind BEY Trading, which published Global 5, Global 10 and Ethereum 3 to the BOTS app; currently all in profit at around 40–60%.

Time to meet Baris

But who is the man behind BEY Trading and these new bots in the BOTS app? Let’s get to know him.

“My name is Baris, I am 24 years old and I am currently a master student at the Technical University of Delft, with a bachelor in Industrial Engineering and Management. I got into trading as soon as I got into crypto back in 2017. A friend of mine introduced me to crypto exchanges and showed me how one can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies on these exchanges. Since the crypto market is open 24/7, I found that coding my trading strategies worked much better, and lucky I had to learn a coding language called python during my bachelor.”

From curiosity to coding

And so his journey started… “I wanted to experiment with coding by doing something fun with it; I then discovered that people were making trading bots with it and decided to give it a go.” And you might’ve guessed it: Baris went straight for the top. “I soon realized doing it and created some bots that would consistently give me a good return on my money.”

Baris and BOTS

But when and how did BOTS come into the picture? “I saw an advertisement for BOTS online and wanted to become a bot creator on the app. My goal with the strategies I have is to consistently make money. Each bot that I create has a defined purpose, and sharing that with other investors that use the app is an amazing experience.”

“I think BOTS levels the playing field between retail-investors and hedge-funds.”

But algorithms don’t create themselves, and it can be quite daunting when you’re just starting out. “At first, when you spent time coding, you might lose out on some trades and some potential profits. However, after you are finished with the strategy, it more than makes up for the time you’ve lost. My drive comes from always wanting to better myself, and as the market conditions are always changing, it is important to improve the strategies that you have and create new ones as often as you can.”

Baris his experience as a bot creator at BOTS

The BOTS app is an excellent platform for both users and bot creators. The community vibe is strong, and the bot creator team does everything they can to make for smooth sailing for new, and ‘old’ bot creators: “The experience as a bot creator for BOTS has been amazing. From the moment I first emailed BOTS about becoming a bot creator, they have been very welcoming and helpful in getting me started. Now that I know the work-around, I have less meetings but still know they will be there as soon as I have a question. I love the fact that BOTS allows any investor to invest in high-end sophisticated trading bots. I think this platform definitely levels the playing field between retail-investors and hedge-funds.”

Advice to new bot creators

At the moment, Baris has released a few successful bots on the BOTS app under the name BEY Trading. The philosophy behind his strategy? “I believe there are two very important aspects when creating bots. First of all, a bot creator should not create a bot he/she would not invest in personally. Second, every bot should have a distinct goal. Whether that is to try and beat the market or have a steady return regardless of market conditions.”

His advice for new bot creators? “Be creative and do your best to come up with your own strategies, rather than recreate something else. Also, reach out to BOTS and accelerate your career path!”

The future for BEY Trading

He for one will definitely continue to accelerate his career as a bot creator: “I would like to finish my master studies at TU Delft but after that, my goal is to continue to make bots and give all my time and energy to it. I believe there is a lot more potential for myself and trading bots in general to grow.”

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